Shaheen makes time for ‘Nanny Staters’ yet still refuses to hold town halls

shaheenproggiesSenator Shaheen spoke today at the New Hampshire Progressive Summit in Henniker.  Interesting that she still refuses to hold town halls with actual constituents but finds time in her schedule to speak to a room filled with left wing loons who want to turn the ‘Live Free or Die’ state into a Nanny State.  All you have to do is read the descriptions for some of their workshops to see what type of event it is:

Mini-Workshop: “Not One More – What We All Can Do to Stem the Tide of Gun Violence” – This workshop is being run by the failed Mom’s Demand Action head Janet Groat of New Hampshire.  Of course, the Granite State doesn’t have a gun violence problem but then again, the astroturfing group of paid Moms pimped by Mayor Bloomberg aren’t really about ending gun violence; they are about gun control of law-abiding citizens.

Then there is Mini-Workshop: ALEC Exposed NH – How Corporations Are Writing State Laws – This one is highly amusing since Democrats in the New Hampshire State Legislature are members of Progressive States Network.  An organization that is partially funded by America-hater and convicted criminal George Soros and whose goal is to push progressive legislation.  Of course, they don’t mention this because it would show what hypocrites they are to the voters.

I think this one is probably the most amusing – Workshop: Common Sense Economics – The one thing Democrats and progressives completely lack is common sense, especially when it comes to the economy (as we’ve seen since Obama’s reign began).  What is truly most amusing about this workshop?  It’s being run by a union hack of the AFL-CIO.  You can’t make this stuff up!

So while New Hampshire constituents of Senator Shaheen are desperately seeking employment; paying higher premiums for health insurance; still trying to find a new doctor and hospital to use since losing theirs thanks to Shaheen’s vote for Obamacare and still trying to figure out how to get out of the mess Shaheen helped put New Hampshire in, she’s off speaking to a bunch of left wing loons who want to make the Granite State worse.  Shaheen refuses to speak to her constituents about issues that are directly affecting them and hurting them but she makes time to speak with her fellow Nanny Staters.  Interesting move in an election year.  Shaheen is hardly a representative of the people.

UPDATE:  Leftwing moonbat Timothy Horrigan noted on Twitter that Shaheen was actually at a different moonbat event in NH.  Senate Democrat Peggy Gilmour posted a tweet earlier regarding Shaheen’s whereabouts.