Pete Asks: "Can You Spot The Real Headline?" I Answer "Cash Lifts Crud Up!" - Granite Grok

Pete Asks: “Can You Spot The Real Headline?”
I Answer “Cash Lifts Crud Up!”

‘Conservative’ PAC Pays Bishop Crudup To Lift Black Vote For Cochran!

ThadCochranChrisMcDanielYessirree Bob, Those good ole southern boys, led by former governor Haley Barbour, are all in for the aging RINO, Thad Cochran, in his runoff against first round primary winner, and TEA party candidate, Chris McDaniel.

Barbour, often claims (in jest) that his accent is so strong that he can’t be understood outside of the Deep South without an interpreter, but the message being sent by the “Mississippi Conservatives” Super PAC on behalf of Cochran needs no such interpretation – it is loud, clear, and potentially corrupt.

DaTechGuy-MoneyMattersPete, DaTechGuy, has an excellent post, where he references a New York Times Story on the MSGOP efforts to court black, especially clergy, in their efforts to keep Cochran in the Senate.

Pete asks how is it that the Times misses the screaming lede in their own story, and quotes the key paragraph:

BISHOP Ronnie C Crudup, Sr.
BISHOP Ronnie C Crudup, Sr.

The Cochran outreach campaign is taking many forms. The “super PAC” supporting the senator, Mississippi Conservatives, is paying African-American leaders, including Bishop Mr. Crudup, to help lift black turnout on Tuesday, said Pete Perry, a Republican strategist here who is working for the group.

By omitting the honorific ‘Bishop’ from the key paragraph, the Times deliberately skates over the obvious, which is: “Bishop paid to deliver votes!”

As we are frequently saying the Republican Establishment will stop at nothing to protect its own, and Skip had the story last week, where the NRSC (National RINO Support Committee), including our very own ‘conservative’ Senator Ayotte, held a DC fundraiser to keep Cochran in the race. Money and power corrupt absolutely!