Obama’s Good Clean Feeling ‘No Matter What!’

There’s strong evidence that Obama has given up and intends to finish out his tenure as a taxpayer funded jet-setter, making the occasional speech to explain this or that royal edict, and planning his post-presidency by living it right now.  (I know, looks like his entire presidency.)

Or maybe he’s given up even pretending he makes decisions of any kind–which might explain why Mr. Obama has pissed off most–if not all–of France, and more than a few other folks, by casually chewing gum as world leaders gathered to mark D-Day in Normandy, France.

It’s good to be the king.  “Hey, is this almost over, I have to find the nearest golf course, which is where, by the way?”

Which brings me to the (I think) next obvious cultural connection…”Obama’s gonna do whatever Obama wants to do…”No Matter What!”

Obama Gun - D day