GrokTV: Lakes Region Planning Commission Law Lecture – Bernie Waugh

by Skip

Kerrie Diers (Exec. Dir. of the Nashua (New Hampshire) Regional Planning Commission) doesn’t care much that your land gets in the way of her planning (for your own good as in “WHY do our perceptions of the needs of the Collective have to give way to what Individuals own?”):

  • “Private Property Rights get in the way of good planning“
  • “Private Property Rights won’t let us have the discussions“

That is correct – I went to the LRPC’s (ye of the dealers of the Feds’ effort to federalize local zoning ordinances and land use by dangling “crack money” to the Regional Planning Commissions) Law Lecture held this past week at the Bean Conference Center in Laconia, NH.  There were two lawyers that discussed some of the changes to the law and what planning / zoning boards should be mindful of in rendering decisions.  Here is Bernie Waugh – Part 1 with the second and third parts after jump:

Part 2:

Part 3:



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  • OldNHMan

    “Private property rights get in the way of good planning.” Oh, man, it’s obvious this guy has little use for the Constitution. He is obviously under the impression that planners can know all the ins and outs of every bit of property, every neighborhood. My experience says otherwise. Town planning departments and planning boards have a tough time dealing with parts of their own towns that they know well. Are we to believe by kicking these problems up to a regional planner that it will somehow become easier to deal with these issues? Also, applying “one size fits all” solutions to unique issues almost always ends up with severe unintended consequences and lawsuits.

    I have seen ‘severely’ planned communities and they’re scary. I mean “Stepford Wives” scary. A good example of this is Maryland, where there are a number of planned communities where the planning boards and zoning have total control over much of the property throughout these communities since they were built. Talk about a sterile environment! Does the LRPC feel that planning at the community level can only be accomplished at the regional level? Is it their goal to take over all planning in the region? (I believe it is.) Should they succeed, will the Lakes Region become yet another sterile cookie cutter series of towns, with each looking just like its neighbors?

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