When You Give Bureaucrats Broad New Powers – They Come After Your Beer and Cheese

by Steve MacDonald

beer and cheeseDemocrats love to give Federal agencies broad new powers.  Citizens inclined to support politicians who love to give Federal agencies broad new powers are likewise endeared to the concept, right up until they come for something they actually care about.

A few days ago, the FDA, empowered by Obama and Democrats, did what Federal agencies do when you give them broad new powers.  They look for ways to validate their existence and massive, forever expanding budgets; they tried to move someone’s cheese.

The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 is the culprit, here, administered as all these things are by bureaucrats with no, ahem, cheddar of their own on the line when they make such pronouncements. It gives Americans yet another reason to be wary of any legislation described as “sweeping.”

Progressive cheese fanciers were in an uproar over the government banning cheese aged on wooden boards, a practice that has been going on, probably for as long as there has been cheese.  The FDA has backed off, for now.

Craft beer was also salvaged from FDA overreach.  Details at  Hot Air

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