Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran: Is he the example Scott Brown is following for the Primary?

Scott Brown - Thad CochranMississippi just had a primary on the Republican side where State Senator Chris McDaniels, a TEA Party candidate, out edged long term US Senator Thad Cochran (76 and in the US Senate since 1972) but not by enough to forestall a runoff (in three weeks).  From NYT via Hot Air:

Senator Thad Cochran’s supporters opened Mississippi’s Republican Senate runoff on Wednesday by signaling that they would treat the race like a general election and seek the votes of Democrats and independents during the three-week campaign against State Senator Chris McDaniel.

My, doesn’t that sound just like what Scott Brown is doing as he glad hands Glittering Generalities all over the State in telling everyone his personal history (like Bill Clinton)and his ability (and seeming anxiousness) to work again with Democrats, and that he’d be “independent” (and given his voting record, his anti-Obamacare vote is offset by his vote FOR Dodd-Frank, independent of NH Republican values, not a high bar to slither over).  I think he knows that almost all Conservatives are out of his reach – so he’s already gone to the middle where Principles are not exactly mandatory.

Jeanne Shaheen that can win!” even as he refuses to outline exactly and specifically how that is true.  Like Thad Cochran  (“not running for the debate team,” ) – not exactly all that willing to debate any of his rivals.   I do wonder how Hynsie is going to spin that refusal to be honest and completely open with the Conservative base?