“Consistency breeds Trust yields Votes”

by Skip

TrustConsistency breeds Trust yields Votes” – I have been saying that for months now, trying to impress upon the Establishment Republicans (aka, the “Republican Republicans for the sake of the Party” – RRFTSOTP) that simply running campaigns for the sake of winning is insufficient.  Rather, winning is merely a necessary pre-cursor – it is what happens afterwards that is important.  But many have not listened – they say the words but then do otherwise.  As frequent GraniteGrok readers know, my prime Object Lesson was Frank Guinta.  As in “you promised us in the TEA Party that cutting spending was your #1 priority and promise – but then failed to vote down the Continuing Resolutions that increased spending”.  That lack of Consistency of deed to spoken word caused enough of us to vote down his second run – and Carol Shea-Porter reclaimed the seat.  Sometimes a message has to be sent (and thankfully, her votes were overridden by a Republican majority).

Eric Cantor got blindsided in his primary tonite and many have mentioned Amnesty being the reason.  Well, yes, but not just that.  Is Amnesty for illegal aliens a Republican platform issue?  Not on your life – unless you are a US Chamber of Commerce Republican (like Cantor was – listening Kelly Ayotte??).  But what did Cantor in was in violating “Consistency breeds Trust yields Votes” – he failed that first fundamental virtue.  Like the NH GOP, he burned his brand amongst his voters – and like the NH GOP, didn’t know it until the counting was over (for him, now, for the NH GOP, 2012).  Why?  A lack of Consistency:

Cantor and his staff both lost the trust of conservatives and constituents. They broke promises, made bad deals, and left many feeling very, very betrayed. Much of it was because of Cantor’s hubris and the arrogance of his top staffers. He could not be touched and he could not be defeated. He knew it and they knew it. He kept his attention off his district, constituents, and conservatives while he and his staff plotted to get the Speaker’s chair.

Cantor lost his race because he was running for Speaker of the House of Representatives while his constituents wanted a congressman. The tea party and conservatives capitalized on that with built up distrust over Cantor’s other promises and made a convincing case Cantor could not be trusted on immigration either. Cantor made it easy trying to be a congressman from Virginia and a worthy successor to the Speaker in K-Street’s eyes.

Another line from me: “You have made them not care“.  A loss of Trust on basic issues and basic philosophy.  In football, that’s “taking eyes off the ball and starting to run upfield before catching the ball”.  He ASS-U-MEed – only the “ME’s didn’t.  Can those running here in NH heed this lesson?  Right now, the most egregious candidate abuser is Scott Brown.  Cantor was running for Speaker instead of the Primary – Scott Brown is running in the General already and pissing off the base before the Primary; he, too, is ASS-U-MEing that he has already won the crown.

Time to send him a message, folks?  How about the Rogue Republicans – those that haven’t already retired?  Like NH State Senator Chuck Morse, NH State Senator Jeb Bradley, NH State Senator Nancy Stiles, and NH State Senator Dave Boutin?  And a bunch more in the NH House?

How can they call themselves Conservative Republicans when they voted, not just for the gas tax, but to help Obama expand Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion here in NH?


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