Another strike against Boutin, Stiles and other GOP Senators

abuseguiltyLast week I posted a blog about Governor Hassan treating innocent Granite Staters like drug abusers.  It’s only fair to call out those GOP Senators who sponsored this ridiculous invasion of privacy as well.  So here goes:  Boutin, Stiles, Obamacare Odell (luckily he’s retiring but remember he’s pushing Democrat Donor Jerry ‘knows’ Little in District 8), Bradley,  Carson, Larsen, D’Allesandro and ‘gas taxer’ Rausch (also thankfully retiring but backing Foley) along with Senator John Reagan (who sponsored the overreaching government hackery as a State Rep in 2012).  All of these people should be ashamed of themselves.

This bill will do nothing to stop drug dealers or drug addicts who already break the law but has the potential to hurt innocent people.  The fact that people’s personal health information is in a state database is egregious enough but they are assuming they all have the potential to be drug abusers or dealers.

This doesn’t only track adults, it also tracks children and PETS.  Yes that’s right, if your pet takes any of the drugs on the list, they will be in that database.  Of course, the state doesn’t know WHY anyone is taking the specific meds.  That’s probably too much of a HIPPAA violation.  So neither the state nor the police have any idea the reason behind the Rx.

It has also come to my attention that Hassan met with other New England Governors to discuss SHARING this personal and private information across the states!  Really?  It’s bad enough this information is in the wrong hands of the people in the state but now she is going to share it with other states that are far, far worse than New Hampshire??

This is why elections HAVE  to have consequences.  When legislators freely feel they can overstep their boundaries and trample upon the freedoms and rights of the citizens they are supposed to represent, no matter what party, they need to be given a very loud and clear message that we will not tolerate it!   This is ‘Live Free or Die’ New Hampshire, not ‘Nanny State’ Massachusetts.

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