Sara Warren Tries To Get Her Confiscated Gun Back

by Steve MacDonald

woman pointing gunSara Gets her Gun

The pistol, a Ruger SR9, has been held by authorities since March 28, on which day Warren was involved in a serious automobile accident. “It was pretty bad,” …

At the hospital, the gun was taken by the police for “safekeeping overnight.” “Looking back, they shouldn’t really have done that,” Warren says. “They should have just given it to my husband.” But they didn’t. Instead, authorities took the weapon to the local police station and put it in storage. …

In 2013, Colorado passed a gun-control law requiring background checks even for private transfers. A quick look at the rules reveal a veritable minefield.

“I feel as if they’ve trampled all over the Second Amendment,” Warren says. “It’s so frustrating. I’ve done nothing wrong except to be in an accident. To be honest, I think these laws are ridiculous. Gun laws don’t do anything really. They just hurt the people who follow the law. The criminals don’t care.”

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