What are You Hiding Senator Shaheen?

disclosureCarl Levin, US Senator from Michigan, made news this past week when it was discovered that he had engaged in repeated communications with the IRS of a very specific nature — targeting non-profit Conservative and Tea Party groups to slow down their applications for political reasons.

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen signed letter to the IRS seeking similar action.  (Two letters, if I recall, but I only have a link to one.)

Democrat Senator Mark Udall, who signed at least one letter to the IRS along with Shaheen, was also implicated in pressuring state officials to downplay insurance cancellation numbers in Colorado as a result of ObamaCare

The Senators involved in the IRS targeting scandal have a habit of using their office to apply political pressure.  FOIA requests have been made for all correspondence between congress and high-ranking IRS officials (which includes Democrat senators pressuring them to investigate social welfare groups) but I’d bet money those wont surface until after the election in November.  The NRSC has been put on hold six times on just such a request and have been waiting a year for requested documents.  Makes you wonder if US Senators are applying pressure on the IRS to delay responding to the FOIA request.

Senator Shaheen is hiding something.  Something she does not want voters to know about before November 2014.  What are you hiding Senator Shaheen