I always have answers for WMUR Political Scoop (no matter its inanities)!

by Skip

WMURWell, it’s Friday and once again WMUR Political Scoop has questions and lots of softballs were served up.  So I have answers…and in a couple of cases, I question the question or perceived observation:

If you watched Marilinda Garcia, the national Latino rising star, on CNN en Español to check out her Spanish speaking skills… well the station uses an interpreter because she speaks in English.

Isn’t it rascist to think that just because someone has a Spanish derived surname that they should be able to  speak Spanish?  After all, with my surname, I certainly can’t speak Gaelic.  Or, if I went to the maternal side, speak Swedish.  So why does James Pindell keep writing stuff like this – to create the meme of a “faux Latina” in the run-up to the election?  Just to use the “subtlety” [er, of a hammer] showing that Republicans are lacking?  Way to go, dude – create a straw man argument and then set it on fire!

What is the percentage chance the Republican leadership race in December will once again be between Gene Chandler and Bill O’Brien? And what does that say about the party that this would be the same choices as four years ago?

Of course, the flip side would be to say “what would it say about the party”  as the present Repub House Leadership (with Chandler at the helm)  voted cross-wise to the Repub House members?  After all, if no one is following….  Also, what would it say about the party to go back to the days of 2001?  Would it mean that Party only cares about an R after someone’s name?

Jus’ askin’… Next!

Jeff Woodburn: Woodburn already voted for the gas tax and he is going to get hit for that or not no matter what. This week he decided to get ahead of it by launching his first radio ads arguing his vote was good for the North Country. As Bill Clinton says, “it’s better to be strong and wrong than weak and right.”

Right – economic life is hard enough and his erstwhile constituents are going to remember that each and every time they pull into a gas station.  So, will they be reflecting on which political handle to use when they pull that handle out of the pump?

Jeanne Shaheen: The news is significant that Tom Steyer’s pro-environment group will aim to counter all the Koch Brothers ads in the Senate race here, but he probably not to parity.

Gee, another case of “She was against it before she was for it”  – how politically craven driven this is.  Not a mention from Political Scoop of the inane demand of hers that Scott Brown (oh Lordy, must I defend him?  Fair and (un)balanced, I suppose) accept her Peoples’ Pledge even after months of outside money favorable to her rained down on him.  It does show that Shaheen will be beholden to yet one more special interest group – and nothing says “independence” like being wholly owned by a Billionaire, eh?

Gun Owners of New Hampshire: With all the varying gun groups in the state, Brown’s appearance in front of this particular group served as a validator of their role.

I dryly note that Pindell didn’t say WHAT the role was, did he?  He also didn’t dare to opine of what those other gun groups thought of this special role, either.  *I* will however: given that most gun owners aren’t too hep about Scott Brown’s positive assent to an “assault weapon” (that made up political term which means nothing in the real world) – I’m betting that many are thinking about that Q word from back in the middle of the last century…





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  • Timothy Horrigan

    There is kind of a double standard at work, I will admit. No one expects someone named Murphy to speak Gaelic.

    • granitegrok

      “No one expects someone named Murphy to speak Gaelic.”

      And why would that be, Timothy?

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  • Tim

    A generally well hated by right wing ideologues J M Keynes once inquired…. “When the situation changes I change my mind. What do you do sir?” A now mostly buried issue of ethanol from corn is a great example as to where there was strong Republican support for the VEETC among Republicans and most notably Cngmn Boehner. So in 2004 Gov Pawlenty was a co-signer of a letter from The Governors’ Ethanol Coalition of 30 State Governors, to President Bush “to impress on the Congress the importance of passing energy legislation including RFS and VEETC..” Later that year as a provision of the American Jobs “CREATION”Act of 2004 the 38 cent a gallon Volumetric Ethanol Efficiency Tax CREDIT of 38 cents per gallon to US producers of ethanol was created. In 2007 the VEETC was increased to 45 cents a gallon. In the same genre of legislations often attached to other bills the Congress implemented a 51 cent tariff on ethanol imports and a $1.01 tax credit on one of President Bush’s pet bio-fuels technologies, Cellulos”t”ic ethanol. There was a lot of excitement when President Bush talked switch grass to cellulosic ethanol. Many pilot demonstration plants were set up and the processes were explored tweaked and then ultimately nearly all abandoned when it was realized the costs of making the enzymes to convert/breakdown cellulose to sugar were prohibitively expensive. Like Solyndra many of these “Cellulostic” start ups that were not of large oil company sponsorship folded up and left the Government who subsidized their start ups and the investors high and dry.
    Eventually the Corn lobby was exposed for the corn ethanol concept not being economically cost effective either and many Republicans ran for office in in 2008 condemning the VEETC that they had vigorously supported 3 years earlier and voted in the last year to increase the VEETC for. So they all bragged on the campaign trail how they had recently voted to kill VEETC but were a little weak on “the rest of the story” as to how they had first voted to increase the VEETC. The VEETC and the Ethanol tariff on mostly more cost efficient to produce sugar ethanol expired at the end of 2011. Tim Pawlenty kicked off his 2008 campaign for President by condemning the VEETC as a wasteful Government program in his run for President announcement speech. A year after the VEETC expired the US corn belt was hit with a 100 year event devastating drought. The earnings of such large scale corn ethanol makers as ADM were “crushed”. The Congress still debates the “CAFE” standards for US auto productions and the mandates to increase ethanol blending into US gasoline products. In 2014 the US faces the dilemma of a near 100 year record corn crop. There will be no shortage of corn just a huge shortage of storage.
    “The situation changes” we might NOW want to own the ADM and grain storage themed companies in our investment portfolios. Some Republicans of long standing who created the VEETC and later voted to increase it will again this year be out campaigning against “wasteful” Gov’t spending on farm subsidies and foreign aid that together make up less than 1/2% of what the Congress appropriates and spends each year without even having a budget. None of those running for election for our NH Congressional delegation will so much as endorse CAPs on COLAs to US entitlements AND US Gov’t and Gov’t sponsored pensions. No plans to even curb the increases in spending on these. We will continue to condemn the defense spending budgets going up by over $100 billion a year since Bush II left office under Obama, as Obama has been gutting the US military. The keel for the USS Gerald Ford was laid after Obama became President and the keel for the second Ford Class $14 billion sans complement and ordinance the USS JFK, is now being laid as the Pentagon ramps up to build 6 new $6 billion subs in economically depressed Rhode Island.

    Deca-billion war ships operate to secure our borders from the Mujhadeen carrying their bomb parts across from Mexico, but will be effective in shooting down US planes hijacked by the same? The terrorists continue coming to America like the Tsarnov Brothers seeking to escape violence and almost certain death if they were to return to their homeland. But once they get political asylum or other legal US residency status they jump on planes back there to commiserate with the those planning to attack the American civilian populations, women and children? As at the end of Vietnam thousands of Friendlies/Collaborators from the warss on SW Asia will be coming here. Most who came in the 19th and early 20th centuries assimilated to become english speaking Americans. The children of these “refugees” will mostly do the same. But many of them will remain faithful or become inspired to the jihad, if the US economy continues to no longer provide the avenues to achieve “The American Dream”.

    What can we learn from the 20th century experiences and length in years that separate the deaths of Padric Pearce and Lord Mountbatten and his teenaged son? As with bin-Laden the enemy can be given no quarter?

    As for a latino not speaking spanish…. on St Patricks Day many of us; Recuerdemos los Patricios. Including one John “Murphy”.

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