The Democrat Party War on Truth

JailbarsJust wanted to remind everyone that as the IRS scandal begins to unravel some more–Lerner, Cummings, OFA, etc–we need to remember the lefts admonition early on about “a few rouge IRS agents in Cincinnati.”

They lied about that, just like they lied about left-wing groups being targeted.

They lie a lot, those Democrats in leadership, and you have to wonder if the rank and file, (the Kool Aid tasters and sippers as opposed to the chuggers and drunkards) are getting tired of repeating these lies and defending these a** holes only to get burned over, and over, and over (and over and over) again?

Of course you can tell who the freaking progressive, extremist, left-wing-agenda-zealots are because they are still toeing these lies and pushing that narrative.  They are the foot-soldiers in the Democrat war on Truth.  But everyone else…I think we are reaching a breaking point in the people’s tolerance for the progressive-reality.  At least I hope they are.  Some people in DC need to start going to prison.