GrokPOLL! – NH Congressional District 2 ‘Who Would You Choose?’

by Steve MacDonald

If the Election were held today, who among these candidates would you vote for in New Hampshire Congressional District 2?

Who would you most likely vote to send to Congress in NH Congressional District 2

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  • Radical Moderate

    Come on, Kuster and Garcia are neck and neck on a poll taken on GraniteGrok?
    That must mean the Progressives have been here skewing the poll because no real blue collar democrat or union member would be voting for foul mouth Annie who has done nothing to protect their standard of living. Remember its been Progressives that have been throwing union members under the bus by stripping of them of their pensions and medical benefits in Detroit and soon to be every major city.
    Here is some holy water for you vampire Progressives. If the business or city I work for does well, I do well too.

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  • Rep. Hoell

    Steve, you need to find a way to lock out people from casting multiple votes, or do we just want to demonstrate voter fraud?

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