Democrats Celebrate Re-insuring Most of The People They Kicked Off The Plan They Were Told They Could Keep…

by Steve MacDonald

Democrats brag about enrolleesThe spin to make 7 million so-called sign ups appear like a major embrace of ObamaCare is, as with all things Democrat, deceptive.  We don’t really know the true numbers.  We also do not know how many people have a policy or if they have made a single payment.  Then there’s the eggs they had to break to make their omelette.

ObamaCare has kicked at least 6 million people off the plan they liked and were told they could keep.  It created an immediate need for at least 6 million people.  So yes, most of those 7 millions “new enrollees” come from the forcibly uninsured.  People driven into the government monopoly by the mandate itself.

Based on the averaging of at least two surveys I have seen so far, 70% and 75% of the  new enrollees to DemocratCare were kicked off their plans and forced to use the government’s ‘reform.’  A reform so unworkable that Obama has had to sign 38 executive orders and counting to keep it stumbling along–all of which are illegal and unconstitutional–all to manage this underwhelming feat.

If we are being honest, and someone has to be because the Democrat’s wont, that doesn’t leave them much to brag about.

They imposed uncertainty and misery on million of whom roughly 5.3 Million made a lateral move to an inferior plan they would not have made if ObamaCare was never crammed down their throats in the first place.  (Run on that!)

Take that estimate out of the so-called 7 million, then compare that to the lofty pre-legislation rhetoric of some 30 million people who had supposedly “fallen through the cracks,” and we have a very expensive and unworkable way to screw up health care while missing the mark by 94%.

And that is hardly the end of this ‘Pyrrhic victory.’  Many lost the policies they likes and access to doctors they needed.  They also lost access to hospitals near them, and to most of the best hospitals in the country.

So congratulations.  You spent a fortune to rob over 6 million people of their plans, doctors, and hospitals so you could claim to have signed up 7 million people, most of whom already had insurance.

That is the kind of Big-government the Democrats are defending.

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