Your lemons didn’t come close to making lemonade, Annie

by Skip

WMURLet’s just say that while Congressman Annie Kuster (D-NH) put in a magnificent political performance here, she kept that same upstanding level on WMUR’s 6pm news for the event that today was the last day for Obamacare sign up.  After all, don’t do it and you invoke the fines and penalties (although with the many Royal Decrees and unilateral Changes that His Highness Obama has handed down since Obamacare was actually passed, who really knows when it really ends – Steve is right, it IS Lawlessness)!

Josh McElveen (having just commented that failed not once, but twice this last day of signup):  “While supporters have taken heat since the launch of that website could only grin and bear it”

Congressman Annie Kuster (D-NH, see mark at 1:10): Honestly, I just think it was so much interest.  Two million people went online this weekend.  You know, we’re a nation of procrastinators, that’s the bottom line. So, I think its important to do everything you can to get online today and start that process…

Interest?  Or “hide saving” time?  After all, Congresswoman,  you haven’t bothered to defend this “magnificent law” directly in front of your constituents and fellow New Hampshirites, have you?  In fact, it seems like you’ve been running from Obamacare for the past two years, right?

So much interest.  Well, Congresswoman, why didn’t you put forward a bill to extend the time?  And why haven’t you been out there, apologizing for the waste of money that has been website  – or do you like waste in government. But all you can say is “so much interest”?  Can’t you even be honest and say “That’s the Law – of COURSE they HAVE to or get dinged for it!”?  After all, this is your Party’s most significant piece of Social Engineering in the last 50 years – and you can’t support your President, the head of your Party, in his name sake legacy (just like Jimmah’s magnificent performance with the Iranian Mullahs)?

Political Loyalty – no deal at all, eh?

1:10 out of 1:52

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