This Article Is About Ace Reporters – Not Candidates, Let’s Make That Clear

Just as anticipated, the Nashua paper’s ace political reporter is doing a second story about a possible Republican candidate for governor. The last story the ace political reporter from Nashua did on this same candidate and issue was March 23.

Today’s revelation is that the potential Republican candidate HAD A DRIVER’S LICENSE IN MARYLAND within the mandatory seven-year NH residence requirement!

Now, last week when I wrote about how the ace reporter from Nashua was just producing stories from Democrat sources – here comes another. Stay tuned for more.

Let’s be sensible. The Nashua paper didn’t have the newest fact about a Maryland driver’s license several days ago after the exhaustive research the Democrat Party has done on their potential adversary?

How about I supply some new info for the Nashua paper.

The ace reporter and the Democrat machine he is part of want to discredit a Republican candidate who needs seven continuous years of residency/domicile/inhabitance in NH to run for governor – just like a state senator would.

Here is a 2000 NH Ballot Law Commission case for the ace reporter to read. It is called the “Foy” case.

I will provide the first part for you:

Mr. Foy went on to win his case before the Ballot Law Commission even though he lived, worked and voted in California and had no residence here at that time.

See what happens when we play with the rules?

Now the papers that sell the Democrat line, election after election, want it to go the other way.




Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).