So it IS Democrats that are taking Medicare away from Seniors!!!

by Skip

For decades, I’ve been listening to the puke that the Democrats have put out that Republicans just hate Seniors and are just waiting to take Medicare away from them.  Yet, guess who really IS taking away Medicare from Seniors?  Yup, with their vote for Obamacare, they took $700 BILLION out of the Medicare program.

Democrats hate Senior Citizens!

(H/T: Campaign Spot)

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  • JP

    It is so great being a Senior Citizen today; my healthcare is called “end of life counseling”; Good Luck With That! War on Seniors and Women how nice and of course on our Constitution. Anyone other than us paying attention? Just asking.

  • Herb

    You conveniently forgot that Ryan’s budget relied on the same $700 million savings. Ryan even confirmed it. One thing I hate more than lies are half truths.

    • granitegrok

      But his budget never was enacted, was it? Worse than half truths are insinuations that other things are reality – when they are not.

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