Palate Cleanser – Death Metal Meets Japanese Teen Pop: Result- You Might Be Surprised.

by Steve MacDonald

Today was a rough day for freedom in New Hampshire.  The House killed good bills and passed bad ones.  The NH Senate swallowed the Blue Pill on Medicaid Expansion, which will hit the House floor running on Monday.

Time for something completely different.

Flying in from Japan like a flaming battle axe covered in glitter and bubble gum is Babymetal, a band whose pitch-perfect execution of an absolutely insane concept has the potential to instantly banish any thoughts of “it’s all been done” from your brain.

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  • allen

    they should reboot the old robotech series with babymetal instead of that screeching harpy linn minmei. I could definitely picture some valkyrie smashing some zentradei to that song.

    (what? no one else remembers that show? damn now I feel old.)

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