Locally ‘Grown’ – When You Keep The Political Power Local It’s Easier To Remove The Weeds.

locally_grownFrom Stephen Green: Green is remarking on how Japan’s “buy your way to prosperity binge” has failed miserably and what the real solution is…

Deregulate. Simplify the tax code. Protect the value of your currency. Those three steps are all it takes to achieve prosperity, but as Glenn Reynolds like to say, politicians don’t like them because they provide too few opportunities for graft.

Central planning is the first rule in optimizing graft.  Three and Four trillion-dollar Federal budgets, 8 trillion in new debt (almost as much as from the 230 years that preceded them) with nothing to show for it but twice as much debt.  Nothing to show, unless you are part of the political class, a crony, a lobbyist, or some other barnacle on the rump of DC.

That whole scenario really makes the case for defending state sovereignty and optimizing local control.

You can still be a fan of graft.  Be the king of local graft.  Big government.  Political plunder.  Turn your state into California or New York.

Rape the productivity of the employed and employers so you can exchange the spoils for favors and influence.  Manufacture some victim classes, bribe them or pay them off with other people’s earnings.  No reason you can’t grow your political corruption as locally as you grow your vegetables.

The problem with keeping your political plunder local is that the locals are more likely to take unkindly to the treatment, knowing that their plunderers are within reach.

This is why the progressives work so hard to divert all the plunder to distant, unelected, central planners so that they can pretend to play the hero when they pretend to have done you a favor when they get a fraction of it back.