Democrats want to help Veterans? Not in this world!

It is amusing to see Democrats trying to claim to support Veterans and claiming that Republicans don’t.  Democrats cut military retirement benefits, over strong Republican objections, that they now claim to want to restore.  In fact Democrats specifically intended to hurt the military, cutting military pensions for current service personnel, while only cutting civilian pensions for future employees.

This latest fake claim of wanting to help veterans is only a political move to put Republicans in a box, either they agree to restore the benefits which further increase  our irresponsible deficit spending (to benefit Democrat constituencies), or they charge Republicans with being anti-veteran.  Republicans opposed these cuts and they want pensions restored, but they want them restored without increasing our irresponsible deficit.

It is Democrats that are anti-military and anti-veteran and they show it constantly except when they can use the military for some political advantage as they are trying to do now.

Remember President Obama suggesting that soldiers should pay for their own medical treatment when they wounded in combat?  Are you aware that the rules of engagement make our soldiers sitting targets, unable to engage the enemy unless fired upon?  Are you aware that many of our soldiers have died because artillery or other support has been denied out of fear that support might cause civilian casualties?  At every opportunity Democrats try to disenfranchise our soldiers, sending out absentee ballots to overseas soldiers so late that they can’t be returned in time and finding excuses to not count military absentee ballots.

When Democrats look for ways to increase spending that benefits their supporters, they always cut the military, just as Obama is making drastic cuts right now.  The resulting American weakness, as Obama’s policies demonstrate, encourages mischief by other nations such as Russia in the Ukraine.  Weakness encourages aggression against us and our interests, and weakness results in inadequate personnel, equipment, and readiness.  Our men and women pay for that weakness with their limbs and lives.

There are only a few guarantees in life, but they include:  death, taxes, and if Democrats do anything to benefit the military or our veterans, they’ll probably take it away later,  and they only did it to get something else that they want.