Democrat values: Pets are worth more than unborn babies

by Skip

First this: the Democrats in the House are all about protecting dogs (emphasis mine, reformatted):

The New Hampshire House passed a bill to include household pets in orders protecting victims of domestic violence.  The bill expands the orders to include pets in cases involving stalking and domestic violence. The bill would allow judges to grant custody of any domestic pets or farm animals to the victim and issue an order barring the abuser from harming or disposing of the animal.  The bill passed on a voice vote without debate. It now goes to the Senate.  Supporters argue abusers sometimes take their anger out on a pet or attempt to intimidate victims by targeting a pet.

Opponents argue the bill isn’t needed because cruelty to animals already is a crime.  Victim advocates say victims often stay in an abusive relationship out of concern for their animals.

Who is against protecting pets?  Nobody that I know of wants to do wrong by Fluffy and Fido (and Ralph, the fish) – and one of the purposes of a limited government IS to protect one’s property (yes, I own my dogs and not merely a steward or temporary keeper of them, but boy, do they get spoiled!) from others.  So I am mostly good with this with one important caveat: once again, we see (even with “good intentions”) the Leviathan pushing yet another tendril of itself just that much more into our private lives.  But yet, where are we as Society when Progressive Democrats decide that mere animals (I love my dogs, but they are just that) are due more protection than a growing baby simply because it is still in the womb?

CONCORD, N.H. —The New Hampshire House amended a controversial bill Thursday turning what would have been a fetal homicide law 

into a bill increasing prison sentences when an unborn child dies in the killing of its mother.  HB 1503, known as Griffin’s Law, sailed through by a nearly 200 vote margin, but the original bill’s sponsors said changes made to the bill gutted its original intent. “There will be harsher penalties, in all but one case double what the penalty is now,” said Rep. David Huot, D-Laconia.

Rep. Leon Rideout, of Lancaster, sponsored the bill. Last year his daughter lost her unborn son, Griffin, as the result of a car crash.  Rideout called his bill Griffin’s Law, but he said the amended version wouldn’t cover Griffin’s loss.  “The bill that was passed today does not protect an unborn child unless the mother dies,” said Rideout.

Democrat values.  Not NH values – who choses to put a pet under the protection The State but refuses to do so for a child-yet-to-be-born?    A choice between life and death – isn’t that truly what Justice is all about?  Most caring, loving people would agree – the live of a baby IS worth more than even a loved pet.  Yet, the culture of death by abortion (where a baby can be ripped ripped limb from limb in a womb, silently screaming) is the hallmark of the Democrats.  They decide who lives – and who dies.  Who receives Justice and who is viewed as a blob of tissue?

For me, Society’s values are all screwed up.  And guess who I get to blame…

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