Bruce Braley And the Rottenberg Apple

by Steve MacDonald

We should get used to hearing about Bruce Braley, the Democrat pretender to Tom Harkin’s Iowa Senate Janice RottenbergThrone.

If you recall, New Hampshire/Missouri double voter Caitlin Ann Legacki worked as Braley’s congressional communications director while also being paid as his campaign communications director.  This violates House ethics rules.  Braley also violated state and federal tax law in the process.   but much the way Democrats dismiss vote fraud Braley was indifferent to the issues.  Clearly he holds with the party maxim (one shared by Muslim extremists who are permitted to violate the Koran while on jihad), rules that get in the way of electing Democrats (or advancing their agenda) can be ignored.

And we should have known.  As early as 2007 Braley set the table for his approach to ethics.

When Jack Murtha violated House rules back in 2007 a familiar name pops up opposing any official reprimand.

Among those refusing to reprimand Murtha were the 23 Democrats who last week vowed tougher ethics enforcement.

“One of the messages voters sent last November was that the time had come to change the way business was being done in Washington,” Iowa’s Bruce Braley said on May 16. “The American people deserve to have the highest confidence that their Representatives are doing their jobs in a professional and ethical manner.”

…Braley voted against reprimanding Murtha. He, too, received $2,000 from Murtha last fall.

Moving forward to this week, Braley told a room full of lawyers that they need to help send him to the US Senate because…”he would be someone on the Senate Judiciary Committee with ‘your background, your experience, your voice, someone who’s been literally fighting tort reform for 30 years.’”

The WSJ adds to that…

The visual is a treat, too: On the table alongside Braley are liquor bottles and tumblers. So there he is at a cocktail party, disparaging farmers and promising to serve the trial lawyers.

That’s how you win Iowa, where another non-resident who stole a vote in NH, Janice Rottenberg is now working for the State Democrat Party.

Rottenberg voted in NH in 2012 from the address of elected House Democrat , and worked for McAuliff for Governor right after, is from South bend Indiana.   I bet if someone in Iowa stopped her and asked to see her driver’s license, it would be from Indiana because that is the address on all her paychecks from the McAuliff campaign.

Activists in Iowa might want to track down where she is “staying.”  They should then find out if she has registered to vote in Iowa, or plans to do so.  At which point they can ask her why she is registered to vote in Iowa, and New Hampshire (still on the checklist in Nashua), and probably Virgina (college), and perhaps even South Bend Indiana–where her checks are addressed.   And then they should check with the Indiana Secretary of State to see if Rottenberg has intentionally invalidated her Indiana Driver’s license by claiming domicile to vote in other states.

And by all means, link her to Bruce Braley through the Iowa state Democrat party.

Closing note about Braley.  At least one of Washington DC’s reps to NH, Carol Shea-Porter, has taken cash from Braley.


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