Bruce Braley And the Rottenberg Apple

by Steve MacDonald

We should get used to hearing about Bruce Braley, the Democrat pretender to Tom Harkin’s Iowa Senate Janice RottenbergThrone.

If you recall, New Hampshire/Missouri double voter Caitlin Ann Legacki worked as Braley’s congressional communications director while also being paid as his campaign communications director.  This violates House ethics rules.  Braley also violated state and federal tax law in the process.   but much the way Democrats dismiss vote fraud Braley was indifferent to the issues.  Clearly he holds with the party maxim (one shared by Muslim extremists who are permitted to violate the Koran while on jihad), rules that get in the way of electing Democrats (or advancing their agenda) can be ignored.

And we should have known.  As early as 2007 Braley set the table for his approach to ethics.

When Jack Murtha violated House rules back in 2007 a familiar name pops up opposing any official reprimand.

Among those refusing to reprimand Murtha were the 23 Democrats who last week vowed tougher ethics enforcement.

“One of the messages voters sent last November was that the time had come to change the way business was being done in Washington,” Iowa’s Bruce Braley said on May 16. “The American people deserve to have the highest confidence that their Representatives are doing their jobs in a professional and ethical manner.”

…Braley voted against reprimanding Murtha. He, too, received $2,000 from Murtha last fall.

Moving forward to this week, Braley told a room full of lawyers that they need to help send him to the US Senate because…”he would be someone on the Senate Judiciary Committee with ‘your background, your experience, your voice, someone who’s been literally fighting tort reform for 30 years.’”

The WSJ adds to that…

The visual is a treat, too: On the table alongside Braley are liquor bottles and tumblers. So there he is at a cocktail party, disparaging farmers and promising to serve the trial lawyers.

That’s how you win Iowa, where another non-resident who stole a vote in NH, Janice Rottenberg is now working for the State Democrat Party.

Rottenberg voted in NH in 2012 from the address of elected House Democrat , and worked for McAuliff for Governor right after, is from South bend Indiana.   I bet if someone in Iowa stopped her and asked to see her driver’s license, it would be from Indiana because that is the address on all her paychecks from the McAuliff campaign.

Activists in Iowa might want to track down where she is “staying.”  They should then find out if she has registered to vote in Iowa, or plans to do so.  At which point they can ask her why she is registered to vote in Iowa, and New Hampshire (still on the checklist in Nashua), and probably Virgina (college), and perhaps even South Bend Indiana–where her checks are addressed.   And then they should check with the Indiana Secretary of State to see if Rottenberg has intentionally invalidated her Indiana Driver’s license by claiming domicile to vote in other states.

And by all means, link her to Bruce Braley through the Iowa state Democrat party.

Closing note about Braley.  At least one of Washington DC’s reps to NH, Carol Shea-Porter, has taken cash from Braley.


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  • Virgil Hilts

    What a WONDERFUL collection of people who should be on a ‘perp walk’ somewhere. But…of course, we have the best Senators and Representatives that money can buy. Unfortunately, they are ALREADY bought and paid for…and NOT with OUR money!
    On a separate subject…I noted with pleasure that John Murtha’s name came up , receiving an ‘Honorable Mention’ among this plethora of crooks. It is worth noting, that until Murtha came along, only Lee Harvey Oswald had ever been referred to as an ‘Ex-Marine’….now there are two in that Pantheon of shame and corruption.

    Shall I sugar-coat it or can I tell you how I really feel?


      Virgil, if you ‘Sugar coat it”, it will bankrupt you and the Glaze will be washed off in the first five minutes of the first sprinkle,!.
      As for the State & Federal Govt’s. we both know that this current collection of ‘Elected Officials’ are the ‘BEST MONEY CAN BUY’,!! so we just have to keep pounding that rack until their platform breaks and the nooses around their necks go TIGHT!, after all, they tied them and put them around the’re OWN necks!.
      LOCK & LOAD!!!

      • Virgil Hilts

        Yep….people in Government are believing in things which no one in their Right Mind would ever believe…..just whistling in the dark.

        On a totally different subject, here is an excellent quote from the book “The Battle For Iwo Jima, by Derrick Wright, (who is a Brit;)
        He makes observations which I have NEVER read elsewhere…best book on Iwo I have EVER read.

        “If the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland had gone ahead, there can be little doubt that the kind of fanatical opposition the Marines encountered on Iwo Jima would have been repeated inb every city, town and village, and would have resulted in a bloodbath of incalculable proportions. A Marine fresh from fighting in the battle from start to finish, comments: “We were brutalized beyond belief. If we had landed in Japan, we would have shot everything that moved- men, women, children, chickens-anything. Perhaps the post-war pacifists who are so liberal with their condemnation of the use of the A-bomb to end the war should study their history and reflect on the alternative scenario.”

        You knew I’d leave you with a good one.
        Qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum

        • WILDCATF4F

          Virgil, you always leave us with a good one, there are times that it is a real ‘GEM’, and we can only hope that this one is read by an ever widening number of those that are still wearing their (FU-BARAK) lenses, so that they take them OFF for the first time, and get a good look at reality!
          LOCK & LOAD!!!

          • Virgil Hilts

            Sir..YOU are a Gem!!! “FU-BARAK” lenses! ROFLMFAO!!
            I claim origination of the phrase FUBAR-AK…but YOU have gone one better! Who would have thought that there was so much blindness out there.

            Even the AMA has failed to alarm the public to the severe epidemic of ‘Rectal-Cranial Inversion.”

            Qui desiderat pacem praeparet bellum.

          • WILDCATF4F

            Thank you for the compliment, but I am still in a very ‘ROUGH’ condition, so the ‘SHINE’ is not one that the NSA thinks needs to be blocked on a FULL TIME basis, but from the number of interruptions, and unexplained disconnects, I have to say that I am starting to push some of the right buttons,!.
            So as for the LATIN, that is one that I am not even in the ballpark of, let alone wandering somewhere out in Left field, ( I think ), but as for being called a ‘Space CADET’ even before the first man left the confines of the Planet, I may feel the need to respond in Klingon, from time to time, qapla’
            LOCK & LOAD!!!
            /* Hand Salute.

          • Virgil Hilts

            The Latin is ‘Who desires peace, prepare for war.’ I found that in a Victor Davis Hanson book entitled ‘The Soul of Battle’. He covers 3 Generals; Epiminonandas, General Sherman and George Patton. It is a deep and complex book. The Latin is sometimes given as Si Vis Pacem..etc. Roughly the same thing. Latin is a dead language and so are all the Latins.

          • WILDCATF4F

            I’ve wondered about that, and been engaged in several debates that the languages, that are not carried on by those who are born of those who trace their blood back to this or that time, are the very reason they are the more difficult to learn, and why some like myself never spend the time in study.
            Yet, it is easy to learn ‘Klingon’ for example as we see it as ‘new’ and an excitement, Also it drives those that stay with the ‘Old’, crazy.
            batlh Daqawlu’taH
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          • Virgil Hilts

            LOL! That’s a pretty high-fallutin’ theory of language and those who preserve it. I just pick up Latin from histories that I read. I pursue my interests and keep my brain active….but my Klingon is TERRIBLE. 😉

            Fair Winds, Following Seas, Sir, /*

          • WILDCATF4F

            LOLOLOL, the first was ‘SUCCESE’ and the second ‘You will be remembered with HONOR’, I’ll make sure to give you both versions from now on. This will be a learning time for both!.
            In the event your wife hides the goodies on you! ask her this,
            nuqDaq yuch Dapol said NOOK-dak yooch da-POL
            in English “WHERE DO YOU KEEP THE CHOCKLET” ?
            I’d love to be there when you stumble over this one LOLOL
            if you make that choice, I’m waiting to be told of the results.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!
            /* Hand Salute SIR!

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