Sunday talking head show Doodlings: That is only the prerequisite, sir!

“It is because the base no longer Trusts what happens after “winning” that this is an issue.”

On This Week with “Mr.  wContraceptive in Presidential Debates” (that would be George Stephanopolous, Clinton’s Vonderkind, turned Democrat “journalist”) was this clip from NJ Gov. Chris Christie:

Our party’s priority should be on winning. Not winning the argument.  Winning the election.

The problem is, the base disagrees.  Yes, winning is important but that seems to be the only point to Republican Republicans, the Establishment Republicans.  Then there seems to be some kind of black hole stretching into the future as to what what happens next.  Tell us, what is the important that that comes after that – for that IS the argument that is roiling the GOP Civil War.  The base, the newly awakened to politics folks that rushed to the polls to stop the Progressive onrush, wants to know – how are you, the Establishment Republican “leaders” going to stop the Leftward March of the country and the State of NH.  It seems like the Establishment wing of the Party doesn’t want to be either questioned about that, or answerable to that main question.

Indeed Winning is important, but it is only the prerequisite – what happens next?  What is the agenda, the narrative, the driving Principles (or are there any driving Principles).  Does the Platform’s words mean anything to elected politicians, the foundational (and limiting) documents’ Principles?  Or is as we at the bottom look upward, more and more, a case of “what can we get away with and what is the political advantage for ME”?  The base wants a return to traditional values based on our foundational law – and the Establishment either doesn’t want to answer, doesn’t want to be held accountable for their actions, or doesn’t care about the base’s values.  And to that last point, no declaration would otherwise is now sufficient – the base watches too closely and their angst is based on observable history.

No amount of “spinning”, no amount of “fast talk”, or soaring rhetoric can belie their recent actions.  And worst of all, there is little to no amount of accountability for “protecting the brand”.  And the Party wonders “Where are the Republican voters?  Simple – through the actions of elected officials, you have made them to not care anymore.  There cannot be Trust where there is no Consistency to Values.

It is because the base no longer Trusts what happens after “winning” that this is an issue.

Are we past the time of the Rule of Law, the guiding hand of our Constitutions, the values of individual Liberty & Freedom?  Have we passed into the time of The Rule of The Strong Man and The Law of Politics?  The base wants the former, believes in it, and works for it.  Yet, the Party elite seem to not care about that and is sliding toward that latter – allowing the Federal govt to pile even more debt on our kids and grandkids, selectively allowing for law to be selectively enforced, allowing for govt to be politically weaponized against the Administration’s political enemies, and voluntarily furthering the Progressive ideals (e.g., Republicans willingly implementing the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion).