How About Judge Pappas?

gavelThere is a rumor circulating that as recompense for his stepping down after using his position to help a mutual friend avoid getting arrested for DWI, Governor Maggie Hassan could consider offering former Nashua Police commissioner Thomas Pappas a job as a judge.

The Mutual friend is Democrat House Transportation Committee Chairman David ‘Duck Slayer’ Campbell.

If true, and let me remind you that it is just a rumor, that would be an interesting position to put the majority Democrat Executive council in.

They would have to approve the appointment of a police commissioner who appears to have escorted a chemically disabled elected member of the NH Democrat party house leadership away from the scene of an incident at which they both know Pappas’ police officers were investigating.  Campbell didn’t resurface for 18 hours after the incident began.

Maybe that makes him perfect judicial materiel for New Hampshire?

Would Hassan dare suggest it?

Pappas’ lawyer, James Rosenberg (who reminds us Pappas volunteered to step down as opposed to being asked to do so by Governor Hassan) works for Shaheen – Gordon; as in Bill (and Senator Jeanne) Shaheen and Gordon.

Rosenberg was also appointed by Governor Maggie Hassan (who aspires to be Shaheen 2.0) as the co-chair of her Judicial selection committee.   So Rosenberg helps pick judges for the same governor who would not dismiss Commissioner Pappas herself.

Hassan reappointed Pappas to the commissioners post just 3 months before the events in December so maybe she thinks she owes him?

It’s just a rumor, of course.  But this is New Hampshire.  I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Pappas’ name show up for consideration.