GrokTALK! February, 8th 2014 With Free State President Carla Gericke, Ian Underwood, Mark Warden, and Kevin Bloom

by Steve MacDonald

This week on GrokTALK! Our guests are Kevin Bloom, Mark Warden, Carla Gericke-President of the Free State Project, and Ian Underwood.

We discuss why it is a waste of time to ban cell phones, the NH Republican Senate’s Great Compromise, and the return of SB120–a bill would limit free speech to the big players while silencing almost everyone else. Mark and Kevin drop in to talk about the state taking your stuff–as in civil asset forfeiture; we discuss HB1609, an effort to prohibit the practice and why it needs to be prohibited. We then move on to a lengthy discussion about the Free State Project and the upcoming Liberty Forum here in New Hampshire, as well as guest speakers, issues, and topics relating to the law, constitution, the Declaration, and a whole lot more.

Updated 2-4-17 (fixed broken audio file link)


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