GrokTALK! Feb 22, 2014 – Your Votes Are Being Suppressed

by Steve MacDonald

GrokTALK! GrokTALK! 2-15-2014, Dr. Betsy McCaugheyEd Naile, the Chairman of CNHT, brings a new name to the non-resident voter fraud rogues gallery.  Alexandra Isabel Perez-Caballero from South Carolina claimed residency while here for just a few weeks before the 2012 election.  She voted absentee as a Democrat from the same Manchester address where Alana Biden stole your vote, then vanished back to her life in Columbia, South Carolina, where she has been registered to vote for years.  Letting these people erase your electoral voice…that’s the real vote suppression.


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  • Kathleen LaBonte

    Steve and Ed – Do you think U.S. Attorney General Holder gave the wink and nod (maybe in a memo) to all State Attorneys General to NOT prosecute any illegal voters if they don’t want to – especially if they voted Democrat – since he has already given them permission to decide whether or not they want to defend state laws? I think we are all now understanding why when actual names are submitted, and proof of fraud is provided, they aren’t doing a thing about federal laws either.

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