Wendy Davis Campaign Aborts Texas Media

Wendy Davis YU No Proud to be abortion barbieI think we all know how ‘sensitive’ New Hampshire Democrats get when you start playing games with ‘press access.’  So I wonder what their thoughts are with regard to  what their Abortion Goddess Wendy Davis just did in Travis County, Texas.

The Travis County Democratic Party held a fundraiser with Wendy Davis on Tuesday, and Davis delivered her stump speech. That’s normal stuff. But in a highly unusual move, the TCDP and the Davis campaign barred the event to all but one media outlet, the Texas Tribune, which livestreamed it

According to Rauf, not only did the Tribune get exclusive access, a Davis campaign press release told other media to stay away. They would not be welcome or admitted.

PJ Tatler

So Abortion Barbie, would only allow one media outlet into the Dream House (the tax-exempt non-profit Texas Tribune).  I guess you could say they performed ‘an abortion” on the rest of the Texas media?  That works, right?

The episode leaves a strong impression that the Texas Tribune, the Davis campaign and the Democratic Party operations colluded to keep the rest of Texas’ political press away from Wendy Davis as she continues to struggle with the fallout from revelations about her origins story.

The Democrats got caught in a love-at-first-filibuster affair with an otherwise unknown candidate, over a fringe issue on which most people actually disagree with Wendy Davis.

But they couldn’t stop thinking about how dreamy this pink-sneakered pro-abortion one-trick pony was so they gussied up the victimization features on her resume, spun her into a single-mom, working-class hero, and hoped they could shake off the inevitable truth–probably by playing the misogynist-boys-club-card, which explains why the same folks who are “that clever” just made the mistake of pissing off that one thing that almost every Democrat needs most to win an election; free 24/7 campaign support from a media establishment willing to paint the prettiest picture possible of the more progressive candidate in any race, and to do as much damage as possible to their opponent.