Technology bites…

by Susan Olsen

‘Save some new editorial lead interest, I may need to consider putting the site in to some sort of “archive mode”.’ – Mike Hoefer, Blue Hampshire


I thought these guys liked evolution?



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  • Steve

    Skip? I think Blue Hampshire needs “our” help.

    • granitegrok

      I just left the following:

      Well, we at GraniteGrok would be most obliging in filling that
      “Editorial Lead” need of your’s. After all, we’re just a handful of
      ordinary schlubs who built the ‘Grok to have a nationwide rep, along
      with our podcast (which is nationally syndicated now).

      We could do that for you as well!

      a serious note – we DO welcome your competition, and I’d love to have
      some of you folks come on GrokTALK! for that “battle in the Arena of

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