Something to think about – The Left’s view of “The Noble Savage” and “End of Empire”

by Skip

Emphasis mine:

In boring fact, Empire keeps the peace and spreads civilization. The end of the Roman Empire introduced the Dark Ages. The end of the Habsburg Empire was the prerequisite of European war and revolution. Various lands and populations were destabilized at the fall of the Mughal and Ottoman Empires, and again at the fall of the British and French Empires.

The administration of President Barack Obama has already created the chaos and bloodshed bound up in the end of Empire. Withdrawal of the American presence in the Middle East fits perfectly into the Left Wing fantasy that whole populations will be happy if only they can do things their way. What actually happens is that ruthless thugs see their chance. The United States is allowing Iran to build its rival Empire, and into the political vacuum of the moment rush the Muslim Brothers, Hezbollah, the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the many other jihadi groups.

“If we could only go back to Eden – oh wait, we can build that!”.  The main fallacy of Progressives is that they can turn back the clock of time, wrap it up in a modern bow, and by surreptitiously taking stuff from others, recreate Eden in their own image.  And I also have to add, some Libertarians have this same fallacy, except they impose Empire on no one but believe that the magic bullet is free trade among all and all would turn out peachy.  Each fails to account (in part or in complete) the Fallen Nature of Man, the Greediness of Man, and the overwhelming need by some to grab for control over others.

We also have to look at the type of Empire as well – and Pax Americana has been different than most in that we have claimed no vast swaths of land (except to bury our war dead who died for the Freedom of others) and our major thrust has been trade in one form of another.  Like it or not, with the US being the world’s cop has had many benefits for countries other than our own (even as I acknowledge that we’ve done some pretty stupid and bad things along the way – just like every other major power throughout history).  Yet, in Obama’s ideological chase for “fundamental transformation” of America, it is clear that a large aspect of that is our Country’s standing in the world, it is easily seen that Obama’s policy of Determined Weakness is that diminishment America’s stature and role in world affairs.  So much the better that America be blamed for any problems that arise from Obama’s neo-isolationalism.

I posit that the world is now rushing towards a chaos that only those that wish to take power and change the current order can relish – and change that current order, not to one of more freedom, but one where wide swaths of land will come under the sway of totalitarianism.  Is the Islam of Jihad a true representation of living under the Enlightenment of Classic Western Liberalism with an emphasis of Individual Freedom?  No – only the rigid lifestyles demanded by Shariah Law where Individualism is subservient to that Law and those that administer it.  Is the Communism of an emergent and strident China a true representation of living under the Enlightenment of Classic Western Liberalism with an emphasis of Individual Freedom? No – only the rigid lifestyles outlined by a subservience to The Collective and The Greater Good; the Individual becomes merely an interchangeable and faceless cog in obedience to The State.  Tribalism now is the majority governance in third or lawless States – but whose reach affects us all.

No, Empire can be good because it brings an overlay of civilization – one only has to look at the lasting effect (at least, thus far) of the Anglosphere – those countries whose foundational philosophies, governance, and the rule of law stem from the British Magna Carta, that singular document by which the British nobles extracted out Rights from an out of control Monarchy.

Nature abhors a vacuum – we may be see what happens, again, when that is allowed to happen on a world-wide basis.

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