NH Legislature Seeks to ‘Maximize’ Benefits of 1st in Nation Primary100th Anniversary

by Steve MacDonald

nh_primaryManchester Union Leader

At a public hearing on House Bill 1400 Tuesday, Norelli told the House Election Law Committee the state’s first-in-the-nation primary is a source of great pride and has put New Hampshire at the center of many historic events.

“The formation of this commission is an important step to position our state to maximize the benefits of the 100th anniversary,” Norelli said. “By planning ahead we can ensure that we properly honor and commemorate this moment in our state’s history and utilize the opportunity to promote civic participation.”

The primary was approved by lawmakers in 1913 when Rep. Stephen Bullock proposed the primary as a way to move presidential selection from the party boss-controlled, smoked-filled back rooms to the country’s citizens.

I think  it’s wonderful that everyone is interested in maximizing the benefit of a historical moment.  But wouldn’t the ‘moment’ be better commemorated with State elections that exclude participation by professional political tourists from other states?   You took the selection process out of the backrooms of the party bosses and moved it into the backrooms of the New Hampshire Democrat party who coordinate armies of vote stealing Democrat day trippers to stuff ballot boxes.

Couldn’t we just ask the NH AG’s office to issue a 100th anniversary ‘rubber stamp’ certifying that we are still letting anyone who passes through the state on an election day wield the same electoral authority over our budgets, taxes, and statutory laws as the people who actually live here –but without any accountability of repsonisbilty to pay for or follow the budgets, taxes, or laws those votes will inevitably produce?

Could we at least have a parade, and invite back all the non-residents who voted in 2012?  I realize that would create one very long parade, but the effect of such a display might demonstrate to the people of the Granite State what a complete farce our primary and every other election has actually become.

I know, I know, we have to keep up appearances…

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  • allen

    just a thought..I hope people are working on some good april 15th tea party rallies for this year and next. with the upcoming elections and after that the primaries, we should be able to get some really good speakers…

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