Duck Gate – New Developments

It’s the cover-up that is the real story, right?duck-tread Duck Gate David Campbell

The Telegraph is reporting, and kudos to them for following the real story, Nashua police have released audio and transcripts relating to the case of Nashua New Hampshire Democrat David Campbell.

Here are my articles to date (mowing, no contest, fled the scene, Duck Irony) following the story, which looks like this.

NH Democrat David Campbell had drinks at the Crown Plaza Hotel on the night before the night before Christmas.  He left to move his BMW into the parking garage while perhaps a bit too tipsy. “I’m just moving my car into the garage, I’ll be fine.  What could go wrong?”

On the way there he mows down five mallards in front of at least one witness, who is feeding the ducks he just killed.

The guest follows him to confront him because the driver did not stop, as if he either didn’t know he killed the ducks or he did and realized his circumstances.  Campbell parks his BMW, retreats to his office in the nearby office park (on foot) and calls a friend, who just happens to be a Nashua Police Commissioner.  The commissioner sweeps by, scoops up Campbell, who is then ferreted away to an as yet undisclosed location from where he is conveniently “unable to contact police” for a really really long time.

The Telegraph adds to the story.

The recordings, which were obtained by The Telegraph, also cast doubt on statements made last week by Police Commissioner Thomas Pappas, who said he asked police during a phone call after midnight Dec. 24 whether Campbell should visit the station to speak with police.

The commissioner waited  more than two hours after the incident to call police, until after midnight.  He is never heard asking if Campbell should come in now, only if Campbell could contact them “tomorrow morning.”  Because the investigating officer’s shift had ended already, something Pappas would probably know (and the reason why he called at 12:15am and not 10:30pm), the police agree to allow Campbell to call them in the morning

Sixteen hours after that call, Campbell contacted police.  (It is, after all, always morning somewhere, right?)

No one knows where Democrat House Rep David Campbell was taken by the commissioner or why there was no landline or other means to contact police.

It seems obvious that Campbell plead no contest and paid his fine to get this past him.

It seems just as likely that he was driving while intoxicated, fled the scene, called his police commissioner buddy to help him hide from it until he dried out, and is continuing to engage in a cover up of his indiscretion.