Any More Main Street Republican Money In New Hampshire?

by Steve MacDonald

Freedom_hating RINONH Congressman Charlie Bass was the most notorious modern Main Street Republican with a New Hampshire pedigree.   A group that has a very liberal agenda and ties to Democrat money (and Soros money) going all the way back to 2002.  So you won’t be surprised to hear that this trend has not only continued, it has expanded.

  • Bonderman, David gave $30000.00 – the Los Angeles Times referred to him as “David Bonderman, a significant contributor to Democrats, “
  • Laborers’ Political League Education Fund gave $100000.00
  • The Chickasaw Nation gave $50000.00
  • International Union of Operating Engineers [EPEC] gave $250000.00
  • Laborers’ International Union Of North America (LIUNA) PAC gave $150000.00
  • MEBA PAF gave $15000.00 (Marine Engineers Beneficial Association)
  • Working for Working Americans-Federal gave $250000.00 (Building Trades / carpenters PAC)

These are all Union or Democrat groups, funding an organization and its newest PAC, for the purpose of defeating Republicans who are not moderate enough in the eyes of the Main Street Republican Partnership.  If you’d like to get a sense of what “not moderate enough means,” the Main Street Republican Partnership has begun donating to Democrats, like Danny Davis of IL.

To give you some perspective, GovTrack gives Danny Davis an ideology score a good distance to the left of NH-CD01 Democrat Carol Shea Porter.

H/T Red State

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