Remember When? Yes, Actually I do!

by Steve MacDonald

Remember Julia.  Well over at Tumblr they have the Real Life of Julia  and thanks to ObamaCare… Julia’s got problems.  Her insurance was cancelled.  Either her premiums or deductibles (or both) are going to shoot sky high.  And she can’t use her current gynecologist.

I do remember, Katie.  In fact, we’ve got a recent example from New Hampshire we can reference.

There was a rally in the spring, before the November 2012 elections…

The New Hampshire  reports that some of the participants had signs including, “This slut votes,” “Don’t tread on my uterus,” and “There’s no place in my vagina for your laws!”  Now I can really get into that last point because if that were true, there would be no further need for discussion.  But in the context of this debate lawless vagina’s are not even an option.

Before the government can legally take other people’s money and spend it, even if its on traffic in and out of ‘your vagina’ they have to pass a law.  You need a law to support taxpayer funded abortion, a law for taxpayer funded contraception, and other laws for whatever else it is about your vagina that constitutes “women’s health” and “human rights.” So you should be finding new places in your vagina for more laws not less.   And not to scare “Don’t Tread on my Uterus” but every law requires scores of bureaucrats to write relevant rules and manage the regulations, implement them, and even enforce them, which will turn your vagina into a Law library and result in a uterus that has not only been thoroughly trampled on but will need to lease out space for the ever-expanding bureaucracy.

This may come as a contradiction to the “college educated” idiots and sixties radical burn outs parading around with ‘This slut votes” signs, but  if you want people to leave your lady parts alone stop asking the state to function as a Taxpayer funded Venture Capitalist for your sex life.  All you are doing is inviting more of that which you claim to object to;  it also makes you look like you have the intellectual agility of a small soap dish.  But being (very likely) a product of years of government schooling, what else could we expect?

A few months after penning (or typing if you prefer) that post, I wrote this one

How dumb are progressives?  They are so dumb that they will promote the Democrat parties lie about how they are keeping the government out of your bedroom while writing and forcing through legislation that will require doctors to inventory your sex life as part of ObamaCare.

Asking the government to manage your health care makes every bit of you the government’s business by law, at your request, and having listened to some of you, you demanded it.

The fact that we have had more than a few examples of this kind of system from around the globe and throughout history did not stop the Democrats from ramming ObamaCare through.

It did not stop feminists who claimed to object to Uncle Sam pawing at their vaginas from supporting it.

"What? Work for unemployed former sports team mascots has been hard to come by in this economy."

“What? Work for unemployed former sports team mascots has been hard to come by in this economy.”

Nor did in dissuade any of the Democrat or Progressive water-carriers from repeating the Marxist rhetoric ( see also Democrat Psalms) redirecting any threat of federal pawing upon people like myself–who actually abject to federal control of abortion, contraception, and most everything else, in favor of state and local control.

At the state and local level you can still have all the same abuses you would have from the federal level–if you were actually that stupid to want them–but at the state level, if things don’t go as planned or as advertised, you and your vagina (and all her Monday Night book club friends) have a much better chance of limiting or changing the relationship between your body and the state–ie- keeping anyone’s laws out of your vagina(s), than if you insist that the Feds do all the work.

But nooooo.  You didn’t listen.  You called me names.  And now you, and Julia, and everyone else on Vagina island, will find that rushing to pass massive regulatory behemoths that reach into every business and family in the country, come with massive and unpleasant consequences–which, I might add, we also warned you about.

And if you think having to find a new gynecologist is going to be a blast, wait until the program costs are so high, surpassing your premiums and deductibles by leaps and bounds, that women’s services, funding for abortion and contraception, and a host of other products and services (see also ‘bait’) hastily rammed on the hook to deceive you–get cut to prevent complete and total collapse, and/or…the doctor exodus to avoid Obama Care inevitably leaves you with single-payer providers who are all government union health care employees working for very little of what is left to service your reproductive needs.

(Keep in mind that collapse may be the actual goal and not one Democrat gives a damn if you suffer as long as they can convince you they didn’t do it and you vote to keep them in power.)

At this point I have to remind you that Democrats lie.  They lied about keeping your plan, your doctor, your hospital or clinic, and your low premiums.  They lied about savings.  They lied about cost curves, access, wait times, and even death panels.  They lied about the war on women, and the impending Republican theocracy.  They lied about taking care of you, redistributing the wealth, the “benefits” of food stamps and joblessness to the economy.  They lied about the deficit and spending, the sequester, Benghazi, and not just that they gave guns to Mexican drug lords but why.  They lied about the Tea Party, tax cuts, the green jobs economy, Global Warming, and who our friends and enemies are overseas.

As for health care run by these people and their army of unaccountable bureaucrats…hold on to your vaginas.

The economics are impossible–they lied about that too–so the program will eventually become unsustainable.   To prevent failure (unless that’s the goal), procedures and options will be whittled away by unaccountable boards of “experts” you can’t reach, vote out of office, write to or call (or be taken seriously by), until the best health care providers and health care system in the world is reduced to a hollowed out hulk of its former self, and only the ruling class will have access to any decent treatments of any kind.

Just keep in mind that if and when the riots start, (as people who were fooled over and over (and over) by Democrats get tired of the lousy system they voted for over and over and over again), you may suddenly realize why law abiding gun owners and the citizen militia were so important to protecting  property rights, freedoms and liberty from an overreaching government, and why it was wrong of you to insist that the same government that lied to you about health care disarm as many law abiding citizens as possible.

You’ll be at the mercy of the mob and you might not like what angry mobs sometimes do to unarmed people with vaginas.

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