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Pro-Second Amendment / Anti-Scott Brown rally – DaTechGuy!

The next person that I spotted was kinda in camouflage – normally it is his trademark Fedora hat I see but he had hidden it, given the season, under a red and white Santa hat.  To be honest, I was a bit surprised to see this MA based blogger (head of the DaTechGuy site and his Magnificent Seven as well as his syndicated radio show, DaTechGuy on Da Radio).  He with his DSL and I with the vidcam decided to interview each other (his post is here) – I think that he had a lot to say given that Scott Brown was his Senator and that Pete (DaTechGuy’s real name) has been covering NH politics for a while).

It was not QUITE what I expected – a cautionary note of alarm for the NH GOP:

A snippet from his post:

3. If Brown is the nominee the BEST CASE if the NH GOP is this:

There will be a 3rd party 2nd amendment candidate and every single GOP candidate running for state office will be asked that 2nd Amendment question concerning Brown putting them in an impossible position with the people they will need to win.

The worst case scenario:

There will be a permanent 3rd party (NH Conservative republicans) that will draw the activists, the libertarians etc which will either replace or permanently replace the GOP in the state.

And I believe when (I don’t think it’s an if anymore) this happens that party will spread across the country and tear the GOP apart state by state.

But what came out in our interview is that the NH GOP, with the redeux perception of already have picked a nominee, is that another situation shows up – that we see people not showing up (which, I believe happened last cycle).  I agree with his sentiment – and have been saying pretty much the same thing for a while:

You are making us not care“.

They do see the future – on a personal and more intimate level than just on a Party basis.  They want the Party to simply support the plain language of the Party Platform and the Constitutions – period.  No more “slick”.  Support, defend, and attack those that don’t.  Even if they wish to put an “R” after their name.  Be what you say are.  Simple.

Yet, the “Stupid Party” keeps missing the point.

More later.