Lollipops and Unicorns

by Susan Olsen

Young Zack Deutsch-Gross, California emigree, breathlessly espouses ‘…a political system…designed to help us build the clean, healthy and prosperous world we all envision… A world where our friends and family work in a local economy where everyone has jobs that support the natural beauty and uniqueness of New Hampshire…‘  Kumba freaking ya.

The short version is that young Zack with his bright and shiny June 2013 degree in Community Studies wants to further shrink the electricity generation capacity in New England by closing PSNH’s coal-fired plant in Bow, New Hampshire, alleging it pollutes the air and costs ratepayers too much.  Young Zack and his sum total of maybe 23 years on this planet declares that New Hampshire ‘…yearns for a return to politics of togetherness and the realization of our mutual goals.”  Someone must have read him that as a bed-time story.

In young Zack’s world, electricity comes from a switch on the wall.  Young Zack has probably never seen a turbine-generator set up close and personal.  Young Zack has probably never stood on a generator deck and felt the earth vibrate beneath his likely Birkenstock and sock-clad tender little feet as electrons rush through the bus bar and on out to the grid.  Young Zack has probably never had to plan or think beyond the next semester, much less develop a black-start capability system for a power grid in the event of disaster.

Young Zack is spoon fed the soft pablum produced by people who believe returning to the stone age would be “awesome, dude”, and “we have like communal gardens”  and that the “clean and fair power” of the sun will charge their IPads and Volts.

Young Zack is nothing more than the soft-as-down cannon fodder dispatched by the green-on-the-outside red-on-the-inside watermelons who grab these poor deluded children right out of college, saying come here, young Zack, let me show you my lollipops and unicorns.

Young Zack, come here. Let me wipe your snotty little nose, tie your shoes – oh wait, never mind, you wear Birkenstocks – sit you down, let me show you something of the real world.

A journey of a 1,000 miles...

A journey of a 1,000 miles…





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  • Radical Moderate

    I blame his parents. This type of child can only be the result of a family with to much money and time on their hands.
    Zack the only advice I can offer you is you had better learn a skill to prepare for when the US economy collapses.

  • mer

    Hey Zacky-boy. You can close the Bow plant after you let PSNH build 2 nuclear reactors to provide clean energy. All they output is energy and water vapor.

  • Justin

    Susan. With all due respect, there was literally no argument on this blog post. All it sounded like to me was a cunty cunt being a cunt about her being old and cuntish and this Zack “kid” being youthful and full of ideas and hope. The reason I called you a cunt so much, aside from the fact that you are a massive cunt, is to make fun of you. See, you started this article leading me to believe that you would have facts to use against Zacks argument…but I was wrong. This is just you being old and upset that you’re going to die sooner than Zack because you’re so old. In your world blacks should still be picking cotton, women don’t have a choice when it comes to their own bodies, and people don’t get the black lung from working in a coal mine instead of living healthy productive lives building windmills and solar panels. BTW (that means by the way for you old fucks) we can power our Ipads and Volts using clean energy. One of the problems with the world today is overpopulation. Some people think that we should start limiting who can and can’t have children. I disagree. I think we should take all the old people and turn them into food. LIKE SOYLENT GREEN! I know you know that movie you old dumb cunt. Don’t be so bitter that old, dumb, asshole, and cunty conservatives are dying off. It’s the circle of life. Also, I’m not a sexist for calling you a cunt because that’s what you are. Here are some other notable cunts that are all men: George Bush (H.W. and W), Ronald Reagan, Rick Santorum, Dick Cheney, Michael Bay. Now go fuck off and die.


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