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Guest Opinion From DaTechGuy Re: Scott Brown

DaTechGuy On DaRadio Noon till 2pm and also on FTR Radio
DaTechGuy On DaRadio Noon till 2pm and also on FTR Radio

The work kept on coming Thursday night, so I was glad to be near my desk, but even happier to get a call from Conservative Talk Show Host, Pete DaTechGuy, on his way home from covering the Scott Brown Protest in Nashua last night.

Pete is very worried that the entry of Scott Brown into the Senate race portends the continued conversion of this once-free state into Massachusetts North. Indeed, it makes me wonder if Massachusetts hankers after reclaiming its old borders with all the liberal infiltration! But let Pete tell the story his own way….

By DaTechGuy

[Thursday] I went to NH to cover a 2nd Amendment Protest at a Scott Brown speaking event

It seemed to me the odds were against this protest, there was no place to stand, the green had several issues of snow made hard by several cold days, there was no place to park and it being December 19th the chances of building a noticeable crowd seemed slim but people kept coming…

When the crowd got large enough somebody decided they needed counter protesters…fast!

The crowd hit 100 then 150, soon the crowd was over 200 and on two corners and the worry I mentioned in the last video must have hit the Brown people because shortly a group of well dressed college age kids suddenly showed up at the opposite corner where some of the anti-brown folks had already gathered carrying pre-printed “Run Scott Run” signs.

the half a dozen or so Democrat protesters ended up joining the larger crowd.

Meanwhile people were trickling into the front door. There was a fair amount of police deployed but the said everyone was behaving well, their main concerning was keeping the massive crowd on the side-walk and making sure nobody got killed crossing the street at that every busy intersection with the four-way light.

It was odd that nobody seemed to own the “Run Scott Run signs”

Nobody had apparently taken ownership of the Brown signs. I think it would be interesting to see who paid for those signs and took ownership?

Dennis noted that the people holding the signs were VERY sensitive about his suggestion that they had been paid, but didn’t deny it.  That’s an interesting question too. (Later that night I spoke to an active GOP activist who was not at either protest who said they were giving away the tickets to the Brown event to try to fill the hall.

You had 300 people willing to protest Scott Brown outside in the cold for 3 hours at Christmas standing in the snow & wet  vs 100 inside to hear him.  More importantly these people will NOT support Brown if he wins the nomination:

What I took away from all of this:

1. If you are drawing 300 people standing out in the cold on Dec 19th to protest Scott Brown how many are going to show up when the weather is warmer and they don’t have to stomp down the snow to make room for people to stand.

2. The Scott Brown plan is the Mitt Romney plan, make sure enough conservative candidates are in the race to win a primary with 30% of the vote.

3. If Brown is the nominee the BEST CASE if the NH GOP is this:

There will be a 3rd party 2nd amendment candidate and every single GOP candidate running for state office will be asked that 2nd Amendment question concerning Brown putting them in an impossible position with the people they will need to win.

The worst case scenario:

There will be a permanent 3rd party (NH Conservative republicans) that will draw the activists, the libertarians etc which will either replace or permanently replace the GOP in the state.

And I believe when (I don’t think it’s an if anymore) this happens that party will spread across the country and tear the GOP apart state by state.

What do you think will happen to state GOP races when those 2nd Amendment people stay home?  The idiocy of the NH GOP is astounding, but it’s an idiocy that seems to be shared by the national GOP.

Is MA plotting to retrieve its ancient borders?
Is MA plotting to retrieve its ancient borders?
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