Former NH US Senator Bob Smith Will Enter Primary for Chance To Challenge Jeanne Shaheen

Former NH US Senator Bob Smith has decided to enter the primary to challenge Jeanne Shaheen.  He ads his name alongside Jim Rubens and Karen Testerman who are already running campaign’s for a shot at challenging Shaheen.

The dynamics favor Smith (at least with the primary voting base) but what I find most interesting is the number of candidates vying for a challenge.  Shaheen is clearly vulnerable.  The question is whether the Republican party can get its act together and take advantage of the obvious weakness from the Democrat.

The other point of interest, at least to me, is that the Democrats will be pumping resources into New Hampshire to try and save Shaheen. That means OFA-holes, out of state transient voters, and the need to get a head start on dogging Democrats who are known aiders and abettors of this kind of ballot box stuffing.

Think of it as a form of electoral neighborhood watch.

And no, no word yet on wheter Democrat Petie Sullivan has sent and insulting, sexist tweets comparing Senator Smith to Al Baldasaro, or suggesting who he might be like stilettos.