Every NH Progressive is a foot soldier in NH State Rep Petey Sullivan’s “Tolerance & Diversity” Army

Those NH Progressives – such a tolerant bunch – they love EVERYONE.  Nice to see that Peter Sullivan has marshalled them all behind him in the Democrat War On Women and Minorities and showing that they hate religion – see this Facebook entry by Sullivan?

“Yeah, I said it, and I stand by it. The comparison is accurate. Garcia is a creepy pseudo-Christian right wing extremist who gets a free pass because she doesn’t look the part.”

That was a response stemming from John Fund’s piece in National Review (note: he quotes ‘Grok friend NH State Rep Jane Cormier extensively) calling him out for his “do as I say and not as I say” attitude to attacking women and minorities.  Fund also pointed out the lack of NH media in covering the story after it went viral (and once again, GraniteGrok “scooped” Kevin Landrigan and DiStaso (once again, Democrats with bylines?) with Steve’s post here and Susan’s post on Annie Kuster’s lack of response here; DiStaso only mentioned it here today and Landrigan’s is…oh wait- hasn’t mentioned it yet).

You know, we are lectured SO often by the NH Democrat Party on our lack of respect for diversity, for misogynist views, and the denial of peoples’ religious beliefs.  Glad to see that Peter is there to set us straight and show us the true Democrat feelings – glad to see that we can follow his lead and his example. After all, I went to the NH Democrat Party site and it is obvious by its silence on the matter that they are backing him 100% – there’s nothing on their site contra Sullivan’s stance.  No screams, no talking points, no whispers – and no pictographs for sign language or other communications medium.

Nice to know, Ray Buckley (Chair, NHDP), that you approve of Petey’s “political speech” – nice to see the verbiage of  the NHDP Platform:

When we disagree we do so with respect. Democrats do not divide the State along lines of race, religion, disability, immigration status, national origin, age, or sexual orientation.

Hmmm – those identity group markers there, Ray?

Race – Latina

National Origin – Spanish-American Dad, Italian-American Mom

Religion – “Pseudo” Christian?

Age  – imputed “she’s too young”

Sex – imputed “how DARE a woman be a self-professed conservative Republican?

Nice to see that Democrats are walking their own self-defined talk.  Think you ought to have a wee talk with Petey…..