City Suit Against Keene Robin Hooders Dismissed by NH Superior Court Judge

Did the City of Keene’s Lawsuits just expire?

Back in May of this year the People’s Republic of Keene, the city of Keene New Hampshire, filed a lawsuit against six members of Free Keene for “taunting and intimidating” parking enforcement officers.

These six members of Free Keene were moving around the city putting change in expired meters to prevent the drivers from getting parking tickets, and would then “place cards under windshield wipers that read, “Your meter expired; however, we saved you from the king’s tariffs, Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Please consider paying it forward,” and includes an address where donations can be sent.”

Keene eventually filed a second suit seeking monetary damages, and just this week Cheshire “superior” court judge John C Kissinger Jr. tossed both suits out.

Congratulations to Free Keene.  The city was clearly pissed off about the loss of revenue and fabricated the harassment angle to try and gin up public support.  And I hope your group has increased its fundraising as a result–which was the entire point.

Free Keene is now looking into how much taxpayer money the city wasted to pursue their lawsuits against them, and is bracing for a potential appeal.

Will “the City” appeal the case to the supreme court?  Given their past history of blowing taxpayer dollars on frivolous appeals, there is a good chance they will.  They don’t know how to handle taking “no” for an answer. Speaking of wasting your tax dollars, we’ll be digging into the financials of this case to see just how much was spent hiring their fancy private attorneys to handle the Robin Hood case.

Meanwhile, Robin Hooders are still on the streets of Keene, saving countless motorists from the aggression of the parking enforcement bureaucracy!  We won’t go away until they do.  So far, one enforcer quit over the Summer.  Will the remaining two follow suit?  Will “the city” be able to find anyone willing to fill the empty position?  Will they come up with some ridiculous ordinance against Robin Hooding?  Stay tuned here to for continued updates on the Robin Hood saga.

I am still curious to see it the city of Keene will add another new fee or tax (or hike an existing one) to ‘recover’ the parking enforcement funds they believe they have been denied.  Make no mistake.  They think it is their money and they will punish everyone if they have to to get it back.

Municipalities can be like mob families and Free Keene has cut into their parking extortion racket.  While the first ‘hit’ (the lawsuits) failed, others are sure to follow.  No Democrat majority government ever goes quietly into that good night when ‘their’ money is concerned.

Yeah, I know it’s your money, but like I said, that is not how they see it.


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