Are you listening, NH Regional Planning Commissions and NH Water Commission? We GOT WATER!

by Skip

Every single “crisis” (either real or man-made) always seems to be solvable ONLY with the introduction of a larger bureaucracy, more intrusive Government, and even more abusive intelligensia (are ya listening, NH Listens?) when it concerns the Right to Private Property.  After all, “it’s for the children” is the siren call for more collectivism and “it’s for our future generations” is the Socialist Song of the Environmental set that just can’t stand the fact that we refuse to be treated to child-like sheeple.  It seems as soon as we dispatch one crisis, they make up another.

Even here in water rich NH, we are being told “in XXX years / decades / centuries, we’ll run out!” – they never seem to understand that they are ALWAYS getting two things wrong:

  • we still don’t know about all of the Earth’s resources they think they do.
  • constantly underplay or ignore how resoureful humans can change their Malthusian religious outlook on the future

The news of this must have really pissed them off:

A new study, the first to comprehensively survey the world’s known reserves of undersea freshwater, estimates that there are roughly 120,000 cubic miles—more than 100 times the amount of freshwater we’ve drilled from the ground since 1900—of fresh and nearly-fresh water trapped underneath seabeds. The upshot: we could be seeing more offshore drilling for water as well as oil in the future. . . .  

Some of these reserves will be fresh enough that they won’t need to go through the energy-intensive desalinization process, while some of them will be only slightly brackish, and will be easier and, importantly, cheaper to desalinate. In fact, this kind of offshore drilling for water is already happening; NPR notes that there are already operations in places like Cape May, NJ to drill for and eventually desalinate low-salinity water.

Water scarcity has been a favorite topic for the Chicken Littles of the world.

Chicken Littles – an apt description.  Unfortunately, these “we see death everywhere unless we control everything” much-less-smarter-than-they-really-are have infiltrated Government at all levels (the most destructive ones here in NH are the 9 Regional Planning Commissions trying to “dangling carrot” our local towns into buying into the HUD / DOT / EPA “perfect world” of Sustainable Communities Initiative”.  You know the one – where “NH’s strong tradition of Private Property” is seen as a barrier rather than as a feature.  After all, it’s hard to run off the kulacks and collectivize them unless they can use Government to “eminent domain” everything.

Including the water in my private well: “it’s collective property – it belongs to us all!” in their overreach that water will soon be a scarce resource.  So, you still want to tax me on the water coming out of my well to you can control it?

So, their “water play” (call it “Peak Water”) has turned out to be the equivalent of Peak Oil – a mirage by those whose real intent is to boss others around.  In effect, the Teacher’s Pet and Jr. High Hall Monitors “all growed up” – adults but still loving the idea of their “special perches”.

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