Why The GOP Should Start Over With First Principles

Skip on a roll!
Skip on a roll!
Piling on Skip’s point in “The Schism“:

If our platform means something, and if that meaning attracts members and voters, then doesn’t it behoove party leadership to apply those standards and demand that the folks who the party promotes, and the People elect, should follow those standards?

In the various legislative bodies, why do we have party whips? why don’t we tell them to do their jobs? When a vote is on a matter of party principle, or on a matter of the campaign platform (We WILL do this), then it is time to employ the “Three Line Whip“!

In my opinion, those who sign on to the party platform and campaign promises, and then vote with the followers of “Le Chemin Sinistre”* instead, especially if they claim it’s for compassionate reasons, are simply infiltrators, traitors to the cause – they should be treated to the nine line whip (Cat O’ Nine Tails) instead, and driven from the fold.

Neither We The People, nor a party which claims to espouse the principles of our Founders, should spend our money to support “Politiciens Sans Principes”**.

Promoting the principles of our Founders is indeed the reason for the Tea Party, just as our Founders, and those who worked to free this country from Tyranny, held the original Tea Party.

LET ME BE CLEAR – The Tea Party and the Republican Party was a marriage of convenience in 2010, but having taken the dowry, the husband began to beat the wife, and lost the respect of her family.

Courtesy Apostle1.com
Courtesy Apostle1.com
LET ME BE MORE CLEAR – The GOP needs to come crawling back to its Conservative base and beg forgiveness before it can hope to regain any respect. The Tea Party has no such need to make nice with the organization who sold us down the river of debt and regulations which are slowly but surely extinguishing the beacon on the hill which WAS America.

A man of the cloth might say of the RINOs and sellouts “Forgive them, Lord – They know not what they do”. We’re a little more old fashioned here at the Grok, and intend to rain down fire and brimstone upon these sinners and their houses – to make them feel the heat until they see the light, as it were. (Ronald Reagan, Herman Cain) Welcome to our pulpit!

* The Left Hand Path – as taken by the followers of Lucifer (or Alinsky) – those who follow it are either evil (Democrats who know what they are doing), or weak and easily seduced (RINOs and Democrat camp followers – IE useful idiots).

** Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) do good all around the world, with no regard for national boundaries – Politicians Without Principles sell people around the world into varying levels of misery and slavery.