The real reason for the success of Thanksgiving – Property Rights

Now, I will take a bit of an issue with Reason  – Thanksgiving was given to God in a celebration and not the fact that the Pilgrims went from Communism to Capitalism for the basis of its economic.  However, that historical lesson presented here is quickly summed up here:

While there are some that will always be for a socialist or a Communistic society, history has taught us that it fails each and every time it has been tried.  Period.  If someone wishes to practice such voluntarily in conjunction with others, great – let them (commonly called communes).  Simply, due to human nature, it never scales up – ever.  Even small scale voluntary communes, whose participants are mindsetted to have it work, fail at huge rates.  It just doesn’t work.  But the fact that people keep trying only prove one thing – there are those people who just cannot “be” without feeling they should be in charge of everyone else.  These people need to be ridiculed at every chance and from every angle – I only wish that we could bring the stocks back into the public square in hopes to dissuade these incipient tyrants from the get-go by the actions and fury of “normal” folks refusing to “managed”.  And the signal of those petty neighborhood despots with delusions of grandeur is when they start to say how YOU have to give up your property in order for their ideas to work.

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)