The Future of Granite State Future From A County Commissioner Who Is Already Living It in NY

by Steve MacDonald

If you think the folks squawking about Granite State Future and the goals and agenda of the Regional Planners in New Hampshire is nothing but fearmongering, conspircay theory, or just tin-foil-hat-nuttery, if you ust want to sign up and take the money without any regard to the strings attached, why not listen to what a respectable guy likeWestchester County New York Commissionar Rob Astorino has to say about the program himself?

Trust me, you are going to want to hear this.

Westchester is, in HUDs words, “It’s Grand Expermiment.” While the County has signed on and is attempting to do what is reasonable, at 2:22 Commissioner Rob Astorino gets to the heart of a problem;  the devil in the details.  Details that were not even in the agreement they signed onto–though we know, as folks who have seen Ken Eyring speak on this, the details are in the agreement, couched in vague language that hides the real agenda, and the forfeiture of propert rights and decision making to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in perpetutiy.

We know, we are fighitng it in every town and city.  After you listen to Commissioner Astorinio, you may want to join that fight.  Things get scary at 2:22.  Check it out.


H/T A. Baldasaro

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