Press Complains About Obama Admin Controlling The Message – No, I’m Not Kidding.

by Steve MacDonald

McClatchy DCno press

WASHINGTON — The nation’s largest news organizations lodged a complaint Thursday against the White House for imposing unprecedented limitations on photojournalists covering President Barack Obama, which they say have harmed the public’s ability to monitor its own government.

“Journalists are routinely being denied the right to photograph or videotape the president while he is performing his official duties,” according to a letter the organizations sent to the White House. “As surely as if they were placing a hand over a journalist’s camera lens, officials in this administration are blocking the public from having an independent view of important functions of the executive branch of government.”

What, are they cutting into your already dwindling Pro-Obama messaging market share?

…media experts say Obama’s administration has developed an aggressive strategy to use social media, …to circumvent the media’s constitutional duty more than its predecessors have.

“You are only seeing what they want you to see,” said Lucy Dalglish, the dean of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland.

I laughed out loud at that last line.

With any respect due to Ms. Dalglish and those filing the complaints, the media is as guilty of this as the administration that has now begun to turn on them. Independent view? News organizations and journalists with an “independent view” of this administration were pilloried by other journalists. Major media not only subverted independent reporting, it flooded the bandwidth repeatedly to ensure that the preferred message–the pro-Obama message–dominated the airspace.

You enabled to phrase it…’From Day One.’

As for the Obama camp controlling the message… this is nothing new.

During the primary campaign against Hillary Clinton, the unknown quantity of Obama was portrayed through very aggressive message control. Policy position questions by news agencies or reporters were directed to prerecorded YouTube videos, video of staged interviews, or recordings of past –all scripted and unchallenged.

The Obama Product was aggressively marketed and controlled by the campaign, and they are always on a campaign.

Even the Clinton’s were treated to a sampling of the abuse that Republicans endure daily, the kind of bias they had only lied about ‘enduring’ in the past. (We know they all lied because when they were confronted with it for real, they and their supporters were flabbergasted.)

Democrat message control has always been a feature of the US press but it was a practice the fawning, tingle up the leg  media took into overdrive with Obama, happily filling in as advocates for his message control after the election, attending strategy meetings and briefings, and even coordinating the media’s pro-Obama and anti-opponent message behind the scenes.

So for ‘journalists’ to complain that they are no longer allowed to be the public’s source of the fawning and controlled coverage of Obama is hysterical.

Let me offer a warning, as this is new territory for you. Do not be surprised if you are called a racist or receive anonymous hate mail or threats to your person or property. And you might want to get your records in order because the IRS may suddenly discover a burning desire to audit your employer, or you personally.

It will feel a lot like being an Obama Voter and policy booster who has just opened their insurance cancellation notice because of Obama-Care.  It’s a lot like the feeling of leaning back in a chair, and then you realize it’s falling backward with you in it.

If you could just take a picture of your face to post online so we can see the expression, that would be priceless.

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