Notable Quote – Steve Mac Donald

by Skip

On the nature of Democrat cum Socialists (empahsis mine):

..Governments are only formed to ensure mutual protection of persons and property or…to oppress people and abuse property for the benefit of a ruling class.

Laura Pantelakos, the Modern Democrat Party, and the Obama Administration are all governing as the latter.  They are more interested in protecting and expanding the state and their own influence.  They are more interested in expansion of the state than what affects this expansion will have on the rights or persons or property.

Government is no longer a free association entered into to secure the best possible environment for success (for those willing to seek it) it is an association by force with rules dictated by an aristocracy of bureaucrats and functionaries empowered to do whatever it must to its’ citizens to ensure that government is forever expanding in size and reach.

Democrats do not seem to know or care that theirs has not only been the most common form of government in human history but that it has created the prolonged poverty, misery, and ruling class corruption, from which we had only briefly escaped since the American revolution.  Since the establishment of the Constitutional Republic, and the formation of a government of laws applied equally to all for the sole purpose of protecting life, liberty, and property, more people have risen out of poverty than at any point in human history, the majority of them doing so deliberately through their own hard work and perseverance.   These circumstances were only made possibly by dumping the modern democrat parties preferred form of government–the one where the pencil pushers, elected, appointed, or hired, “don’t care about protecting liberty.

Which explains the lefts hatred for the TEA Party.

– Steve Mac Donald, blogger / editor at


Steve’s post was great and I wanted to “front page” some of the great stuff – go read it

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