Looking For Money In the Federal Budget For Programs?

Obama - short by about 880 Billion dimes
Those are our dimes

For the Democrats in any state clamoring for more revenue and crying out to “help those in need™”; to those Democrats who insist we send it to DC before your representatives-to-the-state-from-the-federal government horse-trade (our horses) to get it back; to those Democrats who still think spending over $70 billion a year on the Federal Department of education is actually good for local schools, students, teachers, and parents and refuses to let one dime of that money stay in the states it comes from–how about this then?

In fiscal year 2013 (just 2013) your blessed Federal Government (Peace be upon it) spent $22,195,000,000.00 (That’s 22.194 Billion dollars) on “global warming.”

Since 1993 the Federal government has spent $165,000,000,000.00 (165 Billion) taxpayer dollars on the scheme.

That buys a lot of condoms, which might come in handy as couples cuddle up to keep warm, seeing as the Federal Government is wasting just as much money to  end cheap reliable energy as it is on bankrupt green boondoggles that produce nothing but debt, all while the climate not only does not get warmer, it appears to be getting colder.

I think it is time for the folks at the state level to start asking question of the “We can’t cut a dime of the Federal Budget” crowd in both parties.  Those are our dimes.  They belong to the people and the states.  We need them available for our local economies, our jobs, our state budgets.   You clearly do not have our best interests at heart. So how about you do something to keep the Feds from taking them from us in the first place instead of allowing tax collectors to rob us to pay off your parade of bureaucrats, cronies, special interests, and lobbyists?

H/T John Hinderaker – Powerline