I have been wondering about this for a while as well

by Skip

Thoughts on a Sunday is a non-negotiable mandatory read for me each and every week.  Tonite, DCE (aka Chan, who actually lives in my home town) has a little blurb on what many have been thinking about for a coupla few years now:

The purge of high-ranking military officers has a lot of people asking “What’s going on?”

While a number of ‘retirements’ may be legitimate, there are multitudes more that have as their basis questionable causes. As one commenter asked, is the Obama Administration “applying a litmus test of would these officers fire on Americans on American Soil?”

If Obama’s trying to get rid of officers that wouldn’t fire on their countrymen, does that mean he’s positioning himself to make himself President-For-Life?

DCE talks about normal retirements – but it seems that there are so many more for ‘at cause’ reasons – 200 senior officers over the last two years?  Add that up to what we saw with DHS’s handling of the Boston lockdown, the purchase (acceptance?) of 2,700 MRAPS, the continued militarization of our local police and the proliferation of SWAT teams. Oh yeah, add in the stepped up intensity and quantity of Obama decrees by fiat overriding passed legislation and the lawlessness implied thereof?

Well, am I being cynical or paranoid?

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  • allen

    anyone else remember the old “29 palms survey” from 1994?

    if it weren’t for how damn serious this all is, it would be amusing how much of what the militia guys warned people about back in the early 90’s is coming true.

    now with the new “nuclear option” anti-filibuster rules, they need is a weak excuse (Gulf Of Tonkin, anyone?) to use the Insurrection Act of 1807. then it takes is a simple majority act of congress to deploy whoever wherever they like in the US, for whatever reason. and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it.

    welcome to a fascist banana republic utopia. I hope you enjoyed your freedoms while they lasted.

  • DNH

    While there is likely SOMETHING going on in the military, I believe it is a fox-news-grade stretch to link the bolus of retirements to a “litmus test” with an end game of President-For-Life Obama.

    Looking at other articles on these forced retirements, the words “improper relationship” seem to figure prominently in a lot of these cases; I wonder if the purge has less to do with politics and more to do with political correctness?

    • Sam Adams

      Personnel maybe picked to stay if they support larger centralized govt vs nation states. Its obvious dc wants to rule the 50 nation states by executive order the last 13 years since they formed the patriot act, homeland insecurity, and tsa. Actually it looks like dc wants to rule the entire world no less everyone of us.

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