“You Didn’t Build That” Means ‘You Didn’t Earn It Either’

by Steve MacDonald

404 Property rights Not FoundIf someone in your family passed away how much of their property–what percentage of its total value–would their neighbors be entitled to?

Is it thirty percent?  How about fifty percent?

Do strangers in your neighborhood, people you may not even know casually, have a right to take half your stuff from your family without regard to your wishes?  Do they have that right, even if you are close?  Do they have that right without the consent of the family or the deceased, to just take some of that property as if it were their own?

Could they put your family members in jail if they refused to let them have that property?

Most people, all (I hope), would say no, they do not have that right.

So why do we tolerate politicians and activists who insist that they are entitled to exactly that.

That the state is entitled to a portion of all property upon death; why do we tolerate those who support and institute laws that empower “strangers” to come and take some portion of a persons life’s work upon their death?

That is what the death tax is.  It is other people using the government to deny the interests of the deceased or their surviving family members as to the disposition of their family’s belongings.

Democrats overwhelmingly believe that strangers get first dibs on the property of others upon death.  “You didn’t built that” was always a peek behind the big red curtain at the more insidious beliefs of the progressive left.  “You didn’t earn that.”

Yes, the socialist Democrats and their fellow travelers in the political class soften the stench of it by insisting that they will only take from the “wealthy” but “wealthy” is as prone to redefinition as their policies make others poorer, and destined for new meaning as much as any other word in the hands of the left.

Given that the government is still spending money today that they do not have, money that will not be earned for many years into the future, should the need arise the word wealthy will be whatever the government needs it to mean to keep the government running.   The death tax, like every other tax, will expand to consume the property of everyone who dies, regardless of economic circumstances.

The strangers will come and take your stuff, you families stuff, because you did not care enough when they came for your neighbors property.

They came to take it wielding rhetoric designed to fool you into thinking you had some right to other people’s things because the government told you they owed you something.   They used human nature, human weakness, to empower themselves so that you would let them deny others their rights in your name.   And they then deceived you into thinking that this was for your benefit.  That you were special in their eyes.  That they were exacting economic justice for your benefit.

They lied.  It is for their benefit alone.

It is not about rich, or middle-class, or even poor.  It is about property rights and power.  Governments need your property to survive.  They will sweet talk it out of you, promise not to touch yours, bribe you with other people property, intimidate or extort it out of us, and eventually terrorize us into parting with it, because the beast of government must never go hungry, even if everyone else must.

That is the law of the political jungle.  And it is a lesson from the shutdown.

The Democrats insist that a state which is nearly twice the size of the one they called unsustainable at 9 trillion, cannot afford to lose one dime.  Not only that, it needs a trillion more or else?

Or else?

Where are all those dimes going to come from, and the trillion worth after that?


Because you let them take it thinking they would never come for yours.

But they will come for yours, they have to.  It is inevitable. A government that size will not survive without your property to support it.  It will take it from you day by day with higher taxes, fees, fines, cut back on benefits, pare back hand-outs, eliminate services, let infrastructure decline, and while you may not be alive when they finally come for your stuff they will come.  They will take it from your family, your children, or their children.

This is the legacy that ignorance or indifference will leave for posterity.  A government so huge that it will consume everything in its path until there is nothing left.  But not to worry.  It will continuously refine meanings, reinterpret or ignore laws, and use force as it deems necessary, to ensure that you and yours starve long before government starves itself.

It is a sad fact repeated throughout history.  It is why the founders wrote the constitution.  It is why the states demanded the bill of rights.

Modernity did not change the inherent tyranny of men or their governments, they are as prone to tyranny as ever they were.   But they can only be tyrants if you let them.


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