While the Left Marches On, The Establishment GOP Pounds the Drum

by Scott Morales

marchingbanddrummer2_3I heard the John Wayne interview on the way to work Friday. I was struck by the striking similarities between then and now. The exact words could have been uttered today because they’re just as relevant. Which makes my pulse race and blood rush through my veins in anger. It’s the same sh#t we’ve been dealing with for over 40 years with the same type of people as those asinine cranks in the GOP that folded, again, last week and that have been working against people in the party that are actually trying to do something to rein in government and not simply reign in government.

That’s why the GOP has a problem. It’s full of bullsh%t artists that sling sops to the conservative electorate come election time. I’m sick of it. I’m not alone. And that is why there is a Tea Party. People are banding together to get their representatives to actually do something to constrain the voracious leviathan. Not just to talk about it.

I don’t give a rats if Senator Ayotte got her panties in a wad because tactics were inconvenient. I say primary her. If a Dem wins the seat, they win the seat. At least it will improve the GOP brand by not going along with yet another government expansion while at the same time offering a real alternative to a Big Gov party. Having her in there, obviously, doesn’t help constrain the beast. And she criticizes the conservatives that are actually trying to do something. How does that differ from a Democrat again?

The left marches and marches and marches and the GOP “conservatives” pound out the beat. Let’s face it. The GOP is diseased with Big Government crony cannibalistic (that’s not a typo) hacks that are in power for their own self aggrandizement and profit. They do not give two wits about what’s best for the country. If they truly do believe they are doing what’s best for the country, then they’re either A) a moron, or B) they belong in the other party because many in the other party truly believe that Big Euro Socialism is the way to go.

It reminds me of a quote attributed to Irving Kristol: “There are two kinds of conservatives anti-state and anti-left conservatives”. Now, I won’t quibble over the oxymoron of an American “conservative” being pro-state, but I do take his point. The fetid refuse that’s polluting the party now is quite sanguine with the whole Big Gov idea, just as long as they are at the helm. They don’t truly believe the debt is a problem. They haven’t done anything to truly change course to reverse the skid into econ doom. It’s always more gov, more gov, more.

Think about the debt ceiling. The fools bought the progressive and media constructed zeitgeist that it must be raised with no strings. Firstly, it’s not a ceiling, but I’ll play along. How come the solution is never: “Hey everybody, let’s cut enough so we won’t need to raise the debt ceiling because we won’t be amassing as much debt!” And then going ahead and doing it? No, that’s a crazy talk. That’s ridiculous. That’s absurd. That’s extreme. They just wait until that’s impossible to do, then they go along and raise the limit.

The GOP moderate formula is to do what Dems want, but just not as much. Raise taxes, but not as high. Grow government, but not as big. Expand the regulatory state, but not as wide. Regardless the left marches on. Bit by bit. Piece by piece. While the “right” waxes philosophical and elects mountebanks that sell a good argument but are vacuous of any real small government principles. And the left’s agenda advances.

Many don’t seem to see this. Even Jonah Goldberg, a guy I usually find myself in agreement with on many points, has surfaced an opinion that is placed firmly in the “disagree” column. He wrote the following in his column:

“Pick any three defining issues of conservatism — say, smaller government, low taxes, and opposition to abortion, or a strong national defense, entitlement reform, and gun rights — and you’ll be hard-pressed to find the supposedly liberal Republican “establishment” on one side and the tea-party faithful on the other.”

Maybe rhetorically that can be said, but not in deed. The “smaller government” has not been “smaller” in size, scope, or breadth in decades. Many in the “establishment” have grayed while being in the establishment over those same decades.  Sure, they spoke the “smaller government” chatter, but that’s all it was chatter. In deed, most are complicit in leviathan throwing more shade over peoples lives, and enabling it’s tendrils to slither relentlessly into more and more of our daily lives as many Groksters have noted over the passed few years. And what did the “establishment” do to stop it? Nothing. That’s the problem.

But Jonah does have part of the solution, “…the GOP needs to persuade voters to become a little more conservative…”. But in order to do that the establishment GOP needs to stop criticizing its own conservatives. The other part is to expand its ranks of real small government Republicans to help voters see an actual difference.

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