Welcome Home Melissa Shohet


Non-resident voter and 2012 Obama for America worker in NH, Melissa Shohet, has taken down her LinkedIn page! (Still on the NH checklist as far as we know.)

Call it a slim victory so far for a grassroots effort to slow the tide of illegal voting in our state but we take what we can get.

Here is Melissa Shohet’s problem – publicity.

Melissa currently works for a US Senator in Hawaii.  But she voted in NH in 2012 from the home of NH Assistant Attorney General Mike Brown of Salem – NH, not Hawaii, Ct., or Canada where Melissa could more likely say she is a resident. Maybe, just maybe, stealing a vote in NH is how potential US Senate staffers are selected in Hawaii?

In any case, she who lives by the internet…gets fried by the internet.

Melissa must have had a gloomy week when she first spotted news articles about her exploits in NH on Google. And now some twerking video has cropped up – video she posted.

Welcome to NH Election Law – grassroots style – Melissa.

Hope to see you back here in 2014 and 2016???????